I can’t remember if I saw this on your blog or not, but a while ago I saw a post on my dash about there being a person on ao3 that would comment on dark fics asking (demanding??) that they be darker? Do you know anything about this?



I feel a little flattered that they’ve never popped up in my comment section.

I don’t remember hearing anything about that? I know I have one commenter that apparently hates anal sex and will read like thousands of words of sex scenes and then rant about how nobody actually likes buttsex. I think she’s commented on like…. ten of my fics.

It happened to me, @caseofunderjoy and who knows how many others. I was warned by an anon that this person will push for specific dark kinks no matter what you plan on doing with your story. Slave aus is their favorite and they have a preference for slave Sam. Plot and how much the kinks do/don’t fit won’t stop the demands/suggestions/whatever you wanna call it according to the anon I got.

At this point, I haven’t replied to the reader making the suggestions. I may in the future but, frankly, I don’t see much of a point? If my fic ends up not doing it for them they can just stop reading. I have a vision for Compliance and I don’t much feel like altering it for one person.

Disclaimer: I *did* ask in chapter 3 what kinks people were interested in seeing so maybe I brought this on myself.

Hazel, your anon would probably be very dismayed to find out that even though I’m a woman, I prefer anal sex over vaginal sex. Not that it would stop them from commenting. Trolls are trolls. But still.

I also kinda love that the “make it darker!” anon hasn’t gone after Hazel. You definitely satisfy my darkfic kink 😀