I got spanked last night! It’s been SOOO long since I had a good spanking! In fact, it was a little too long because I came way too fast and without any stimulation other than how I was squirming. The implement was a hairbrush and it was oh-so-perfect!

I’m still a little sore and it feels great 😀

reblogged your photoset and added:

Do you think Misha, like, went out and stood by the side of a road to
see what an actual deer-in-the-headlights looks like, in preparation for
this moment?  Cause he NAILED that shit.

I’ll tell you what my dirty brain came up with is that Misha remembered back to when he first started getting freaky with Vicki and she introduced him to new and exciting and sometimes scary things and he was all innocent and wide eyed like this and she totally fell for his enthusiasm and willingness to do things even if it scared him.

Because I really like the idea of Vicki being super kinky and open and Misha being this shy thing that just… he didn’t see her coming and he was never the same after getting together with her and he’s totally devoted to her and she rocks his world and constantly surprises him in a good way 😀