strange mental health issue #58!4d98r27

I really hate being away from the house when the day/night changeover happens because I get this anxious impending doom feeling and I have no idea why!

I love nighttime and actually love driving in the dark even more than the daylight. I’m not scared to be out at night whether alone or not. People aren’t waiting on me, no urgency, etc. It doesn’t happen if I get home before dark, then leave again after dark.
It doesn’t happen if I’m out for the night/day changeover.

But damn, when it’s dark by 5:30-7pm and I don’t close the shop and leave until at least 8pm in the fall and winter, I get anxiety that can sometimes flip over into a full blown anxiety attack.

No idea why this happens, but there ya go! Mental issues YAY!!


Okay but why does a counselor who specializes in social anxiety make you call to schedule an appointment

Like I need at least two days and a word-by-word script to prepare for this

YES! Back when I was going to counseling, some of them let me schedule at the front desk after a session, but others insisted on me calling. I would’ve loved either online or texting for scheduling an appointment!


Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down.

It works with me.

I don’t realize I’m freaking out, so when someone calmly mentions it (and doesn’t flip out on me), I start in with my anti-anxiety exercises (breathing, visualization, getting myself to a part of the room where I don’t feel like people are behind me or looking at me).

Sometimes the exercises don’t work and I just have to get out of where I am, but if someone tells me early enough, I can stop it before it gets bad.