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As someone who read the book it was a horrible translation. Like. I’d probably enjoy 50 shades if I ever watched it more than I did this movie.

Books and movies are two completely different things to me. I consume them as totally separate, otherwise I’d be pissed at every movie adaptation out there. QotD movie and book are not even the same thing.

You poked my bubble a little.

I’m now judging you.

replied to your post “top five movies”

I’m judging you for queen of the damned

Judge me all you want. Aaliyah and Stuart Townsend and their hotness and the music and the visuals and the vampires and the whole dark gritty thing? This movie was one of the very few things that actually made me feel good for the five years I was on antipsychotics in 2003-2008 😛

I’ve avoided the fandom or any talk of this movie online in the hopes I could skate around whatever anybody thought was wrong or horrible or whateverthefuck people want to wank about when it comes to bullshit reasons for “we must boycott this awful THING.” So I don’t even know if there is wank over this movie.

I’m firmly in my bubble! *plugs her ears and hums*

Hey. Hey you. You OK?

I’m alive 🙂

Had some shitty real life stuff the last week and a half that’s taking up most of my time and wearing me out to the point where, when I do have a little time to myself, I’m too exhausted to play online and end up just sleeping.

Nothing superhorribleawfulnogood but just… exhausting and I’d like it all to stop now please.

Good news is it’s been so obvious that the RL stuff is getting to me that my family insisted I go away next week (they’re taking care of the shop for me), so I’m taking off tomorrow night (Saturday) after I close the shop. My dog and I are going to this shitty little tiny cabin in the woods that’s been in the family for like 25 years. It has no internet other than my 4G cell phone connection, no TV, and neighbors who aren’t close and leave you the fuck alone.

If I’m feeling better, I’ll do the Tumblr mobile thing, so you might see me. I kinda suck at the mobile thing though, so I might end up accidentally blocking people again, especially if I attempt it while high 😛

Thanks to you, I’ve got a TON of movies to watch on my laptop. I did the Vudu download-to-watch-later thing, and I’ve got about 10 of your movies to watch. I also bought the second Kingsman movie on Vudu, so I’m all set. All of those movies are new to me!

I’m hoping to get some writing done while I’m at the cabin, but we’ll see how I’m feeling once I get up there. I might just spend the next 6 days sleeping and eating 😀

Thank you for the concern. I hope you’re doing better than before! And thank you for the movies <3