Can we reject some of the prompts?


The prompts are aspirational, you use as many as you can, what you don’t use just sits there 😀

I will put up a post closer to prompt allocation to check in with writers. If anyone has a serious squick (e.g. Non-con, particular pairing etc) they will not be allocated that particular squick. We are working with a small group of authors so it should be possible to do that 🙂

Fyi quite a few writers asked about this, here is the answer on whether prompts are absolutely mandatory.

Having said this, I’m gonna challenge myself to write the freaking weirdest hardest prompts.

April fools

Okay looking at all the responses how about we:

1. Stage the worst big bang ever called BOOBB
2. This will involve: each person providing a list of prompts: setting, characters, plot, trope, random object (providing prompt means you are signed up to write fic)
3. I will mix up the prompts and assign each writer with a set of prompts
4. There will be a list of prompt sets, open for artist claims (where it is not claimed me or someone else will provide some truly bad art)

The aim: terrible art and crack fics (like really bad)

Now-end of feb: prompt submission and writer sign ups
1 march: list of prompts up for art claims (writer names are displayed next to prompt sets)
1 april: posting

Please expect a very badly run bang

Also tonnes of promoing the bang like its a real serious bang and you are all writing/drawing masterpieces for it. So that on 1 april everyone is extremely underwhelmed.

Anyone up for something like that?