Hey! I saw your post about tattoos and wondered if you could help me with something. I got a tattoo a few months ago and its small, but within weeks the lines were so blurry it looks like I got it during world war 2. Its a really significant tattoo to me, so is there anything I can do to fix the lines?

I’m sorry about your tattoo. That can be so upsetting!

I’d suggest not going back to the original artist, but instead stalk some artists on Facebook or Instagram and find a few near you. Go into the shop and talk to them, showing them your tattoo and the original idea.

Remember that some people take a long time to heal when a tattoo is done too deep in the skin. Some of mine stayed milky and blurry for six months after having been done by bad artists, and some of mine never did improve, so I covered them.

If it’s so bad they have to cover it up, you could always have your original idea put in another spot, but talk with the artist.

Sometimes all these blurry tattoos need is for the lines to be thickened a little and some shading and color put in the right spots to make it look the way you wanted it to originally. A good artist would be able to tell you what would be the best course of action in your case. You’d be surprised what they can do for you.

Don’t lose hope, and good luck finding an artist 🙂