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I’ve spent all night watching my dash updates wondering where you were and feeling the quiet seep in. Aren’t getting rid of me!

Woohoo! And thank you 🙂

I would’ve been on sooner (and more during the day today), but I was busy taking care of the shop, the cousin’s kids, and my parents. My mom had a seizure tonight, which I figured was coming with all the kid stress.

I’m here until I get too tired to sit up any longer 🙂

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Turn it into a big thing. Make a big ‘show’ of your grand reopening and that might help generate some excitement.

OOh! That’s a great idea! Thank you!

I hate getting attention or being the center of attention, so even when I opened the store years ago, I didn’t do a grand opening thing because it’s like EEEEWWWW people will look at me and I look like an attention whore with the banners and such.

In fact it still hurts my business that I’m not out there and getting in people’s faces and being super social. The tattoo industry is SUPER social and people like to have a face to put to a brand name. It’s really big.

But yeah, I think I could do a grand reopening and it would be a great time to do a few sales too! I recently got a few more contracts with manufacturers, so I can discount some of my products a bunch and still make money on them. It’ll drag those customers right back in 🙂

Thank you!

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Hahaha I only follow like 200 ppl because any small thing done wrong makes me crazy. Okay not like one. But if someone randomly starts talking about a show I don’t even know, let alone like, I’m like ‘shhhhh go away.’ But I also have ones I keep even tho they post other random stuff, just cuz I know they’re good people.

I currently follow 643 blogs. A lot of them are blogs that just post content like gifs or art or writing prompts, but yeah, it gets wild. I unfollow for flat out hate, but everything else is fine, especially with Tumblr Savior blocking bullshit.

I have mutuals who post things that would totally set off other mutuals and they’d probably just end up screaming at each other.

My favorite is when one will be SO against one particular political party and the other is SO for that same one and those posts are right on top of one another 😀

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Oh yeah. I’ve got a tall bed, and my older dogs have it figured out (theres a box and stairs for them to use to get up and down) but my new adopted dog can get up… and then waits patiently for me to pick him up and put him down.

Awww! That’s cute!

I’ve got a tall bed and my dog is a chihuahua who is very clumsy, so I don’t even have any stairs because she fell off them a few times. She just waits until I pick her up 😀