replied to your post “doesn’t feel like a saturday”

The dogs I sit do this. I use a combination of earplugs and angry-deep voice “no”. That said, I’ve also had to resort to crating in another room for one dog and restraint-cuddles for another. Thing is, responding with something the dog wants reinforces the behavior, making it more likely in the future.

I’ve had to do that with other dogs over the years – giving them a time-out or kenneling for bad behavior, but Aimee is so different than any dog I’ve ever had.

She’s 14 years old (and extremely healthy for her age) and has never been a problem dog. She doesn’t “ask” for much and is content nearly 100% of the time, so when she does want something, I usually let her do it because she’s just… so easy to get along with.

That’s why I’ve been catering to her when she’s waking me up at night. Over the years the only times she’s done this is because she’s had an issue with diarrhea or she’s really thirsty or she hears someone out in the rest of the house having fun and she wants to be with them. All things that are easy to fix and never happened all that often.

Yes, I spoil her and I’ve probably let this go on longer than I should’ve, but given her history I just assumed she needed something, not just wanted something.

I’ve got the next two days off, so I’ll see if I can get her to knock it off 🙂

Thank you, @arcshade083!!