Title: Thoughtful
Ship: Benny/Cas/Dean
Rating: Explicit
Link: AO3
Word count: 1083
Tags/Warnings: Polyamory; Domestic Fluff; Kissing; Oral Sex; Aromantic Dean Winchester; Alternate Universe- No Supernatural 
Created for @spnpolybingo​​​​
Square: Aro Character

They’re meant to be driving to San Jose in less than hour. Unfortunately
(fortunately?), Dean, Benny and Castiel are easily distracted.

“You’re the light, you’re the spell. Cover up, let’s be it, do it, celebrate it. Silver eye…” sung the lead of Goldfrapp over the stereo speakers.

Dean bopped his head to the beat, his ass swung from side to side as he plated up the omelets he’d been cooking on the stove top. He licked his lips, hunger made his stomach rumble. With the skill of someone who’d worked waiting tables at some point in his life, Dean scooped up the three plates, one resting on his right arm and one in each hand. Hoping his loose jeans wouldn’t slip down further as he carried the plates, Dean walked carefully from the stove.

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Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​​ Title: Strawberry JamPairing(s): Dean/Castiel/AaronWord Count: 2309Rating: NC-17/Explicit/AdultTags: poly/group, asexual!Castiel, aromantic!Dean, foodplay, jam used as lube, kissing, anal sex, oral sex, rimming, mild D/s, voyeurism, voyeur!Castiel, exhibitionism@spnpolybingo​​ Square: Aaron Castiel Dean AO3 Link – Strawberry Jam – “C’mere,” Aaron says, and Cas happily slides over on the couch, snuggling up to Aaron. There’s …

Structured Clutter


Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Word Count: 18k
Alternate Link:  AO3

Warnings/Kinks/Tags: Dean/Castiel, Master/slave AU, Master!Castiel, Slave!Dean, Grey-Asexual/Aromantic!Castiel, Aromantic!Dean, Domestic Discipline, Discipline Spanking, Paddling, Caning, Bondage, Blowjobs

Summary:  Dean doesn’t know what to expect when Master Chuck, the loving owner he and other family members had grown up with, transfers ownership of him to Castiel Novak, the black sheep of the family who doesn’t want a slave, who doesn’t know what to do with one, and who never asked for this.

A/N:  There are consent issues, but only because this is a Master/slave universe, and Dean has no choice in the discipline.  Any and all sexual contact is as consensual as it can be in this ‘verse, and there is NO underage sexual contact.  I’ve included spoilers at the bottom of the AO3 page if you need them.

BTW, this particular fic was #9 on This List from the other day 🙂