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I once planted cucumbers too close to cantaloupes and ended up with cuculoupes. They were huge and delicious. The pumpermelons (pumpkins x watermelons) weren’t very good though, and were an ugly shade of olive green.

How have I lived this long on Earth and not known there was such a thing as pumpermelons?!

And cuculoupes sound like something a jackalope would eat 😀

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I definitely don’t let my anger out *at* people, but if I’m venting to a sympathetic third party, hoo boy. The gloves come off. (So the talons can fully extend, of course.)

I didn’t mean to imply you rip everyone around you a new one or anything 🙂

I really like when people get passionate about stuff, so if someone vents to me and gets really into it, that’s totally fine with me. I don’t do it myself (in fact some family members try to get heated responses out of me just because they never get one), but I certainly understand why people do it.

I hope that doesn’t happen very often with you just because I hope you don’t have a lot of things/people pushing you to that point <3

I could beat them up for you if you want 😀

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I’m always floored at how you can have all this insane shit going on around you, and still be able to calmly, concisely type it out. I’d be ScReAm-RaNtInG and cussing like a sailor between having to wipe spit-foam off the screen. You’re probably about 4,000% stronger than you think you are.

Hahahaa – love the spit-foam on the screen comment! I needed a good giggle and that did it. Thank you 😀

I can’t be the only one who has all this shit to deal with. Everybody’s got shit and I just deal with it and whine about it on here where there’s friends who cheer me up like you just did with the spit-foam 😉

I don’t have anger issues or fly off the handle. I’ve gotten mad enough to scream at someone once in my life (and of course it was my asshole cousin who pushed me that far). I don’t like confrontation, don’t like getting riled, and most of the time I just refuse to do it.

A lot of people in my family have anger issues, and it blows my mind how it almost seems like they flip into another state or turn into another person while they’re furious.

The most amusing part of all this IMO is I’m schizophrenic. The only one in my immediate family (though there’s tons in my extended family) and we’re supposed to have less filters, have more trouble dealing with emotions, and the average person thinks we have less self control and are more likely to hurt people with outbursts even though that’s not true. Yet I’m the black sheep of the family in that I’m the least excitable and confrontational, the least willing to take risks, and the most anal of all of them.

Thank you. That was really sweet of you to say <3