artists – i need legit sources for wholesale art supplies please

We’re expanding the shop, and I’d like to start carrying art supplies, but I have no sources or people to get me in touch with legit companies for wholesale.

Do any artists here know of a good place with wholesale prices, even if I have to buy in bulk or sign a contract or spend a significant amount each time?

Tattoo artists use a lot of art supplies, but they tend to buy them from people who steal them because those people come into the shop with a bag full of stuff and it’s convenient for the artists. But that means I can’t use any of the artists I know in the business to find a legit art supply source.

I’m looking for pens, pencils, markers (Prismacolor & Copic preferred), drawing & tracing paper, paints, brushes, canvases, etc.

So far my search is turning up either sketchy places or places that consider wholesale prices to be like $5 off products that are $115 to begin with, which is impossible for me to make any sort of profit on.

Help please?