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I’m Working On


(Various stages of Actively)

  • CBB – Done, waiting post date. I sent an ask about if i can talk about this yet, now that everythings been assigned and…i haven’t actually gotten an answer. But i’ll give you the title and posting date anyway: “I’m Broken” April 26th 
  • Final word count: 64k
  • Order of Protection – Supernatural/Established Destiel/Kid fic – current A03 WIP
  • 38k in words, only 30k posted
  • DCBB – Waiting for sign up day to come along, but i’ve already written 25k of this fic. Obviously Supernatural and Destiel but not sure how much else i can divulge. can i tell you genre? I don’t know! @braezenkitty has volunteered to be the victim beta for this. totally getting antsy cause i REALLY wanna share this with somebody already and see what they think so far.
  • So Am I: Sequel to I’m Broken  (seriously, yes. And its @unforth-ninawaters fault 😛 With her suggestion of where to end it which meant that one of the things i wanted to deal with couldn’t be dealt with, i started thinking about if there was enough for a second fic. then a few other things jumped out at me and when she asked if i’d be including those things in the sequel, i knew it was meant to be.) Obviously, i can’t talk to much about this because it would give away stuff for my CBB, I’ve barely started it yet, so only about 8k words, 
  • Saving Benny: Supernatural Canon Divergent Season 8 based on a headcanon the kid mentioned. needs a lot of season 8 research, around 4300 words so far.
  • Spirk or McKirk (Why Not Both?)- Star Trek AOS meets Star Trek original Series – supposed to be crack and fluff but a fair amount of angst has snuck in as well. the science i need is bogging me down but i’m determined to finish it. currently have 6100 words. This is also Unforth’s fault because we were talking about different star trek ships and sometimes the ship wars that ensue (in any fandom) and i was thinking that in this case, this fandom has a very unique opportunity – the kind that star trek canon has never hesitated to explore : multi-verse options.
  • No Title (working title gives away a lot): Scooby/SPN crossover fic – this one is hard. I know what i want to do, i’ve got a beginning written out and it’s stalled. so i’m letting it rest. that’s been working for me so *crosses fingers* 2500 words
  • Ice and Snow (tentative title) Spn/Frozen/Rise of the Gaurdians cross over fic. My aim is to have this ready by next christmas so i’m writing it at a leisurely pace.1500 words
  •  Route 66 –  supernatural/torchwood/doctor who crossover sequel to Colliding worlds – currently on hold. current posted word count 33k
(Inactive – ideas only)
ElfQuest / Valdemar crossover
SPN Prank Wars
Team Free Will meets itself genderbend
Emt Cas / Cop Dean short story
Time stamps for Scared to Act

Art (any and all, Fanart and original)
  • SBB with @wefollowedfires 2 done, 2 scrapped, still wanna do more – posting date March 23rd
  • SPN Mega Bang with @formidablepassion 1 big and one small inked (no color added yet)
  • Destiel Reverse Bang – with @formidablepassion again – technically the art is done. but when Foop finishes the story, i’m gonna read it through and see if i get any inspirations for a companion piece.
  • Ace Mini Bang with @feartheophanim – 1 pic is 90% done
  • DCJ BB with @buffenator : 1 completely done.

  • Still Life of feathers and Tie in Graphite (realistic style) Still need to take photo for this

  • Pictures for Unforth – 2 completely finished (one even colored) and 1 scrapped (or 2 scrapped?). Trying to catch up on deadlines and then buckle down on this.

  • ??? there is supposed to be more on this list…

  • Pictures for my daughters Power Pack / Doctor Who cross over sequel i made this christmas – The Next Big Adventure

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