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Do you think it’s possible for a romantic person to be happy with an aromantic person long term? I kinda think it needs polyamory to work but I don’t have enough experience to give a solid opinion. Of course it’s different for everyone but I haven’t been able to make any relationship work due to my lack of romantic feelings so I wonder if an open relationship would be a better fit. Or find someone else who’s aro, I dunno

I’ve thought for a long time that the perfect relationship for an aro would be poly. Possibly an ace (who is into romance) + an aro + a normoromantic.

The normoromantic could get all the cuddles and romance and sweet gestures they wanted from the ace, and the aro could love and adore the other two and have a great friendship with both while getting the sex they wanted from the normoromantic.

But so far I haven’t been able to sustain a relationship with a normoromantic. They always want more and I try to compensate with other things that I *know* a lot of people want but don’t get in other relationships and I’m really good at them, but I also find myself doing more romantic things, which makes the relationship really hard for me and drains me, and I know whoever I’m with can feel that and they take it to mean THEY’RE the ones draining me, it’s the high maintenance thing that most people assure me they won’t ask for/want.

I actually started writing a fic a while back that was a soulmates AU where one character has this really weird design and freaks out because he’s aro and meets up with his not one but TWO soulmates and is having this huge freakout because how the hell is he supposed to romantically please two people when he can’t even do it for one!

And then it gets revealed (slowly) that one is ace and the other is a demisexual who falls hard for both of them and has a very strong libido that keeps the aro happy, and all three of them become really good friends too, so they’re all happy together. Of course with some ups and downs 🙂

darthflake: mysteryhat: Mansplaining, online dating edition: defining my sexuality for me I don’t understand. How is taking selfies related to sex? Am I doing something wrong? I’m a pansexual with a high libido who never takes selfies. An enigma!

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