May I ask for a prompt? I know you have a lot more ahead of mine, but, if you feel like doing it, I would be totally ok with it! ;) (and if you’ve already done one like it, just ignore it!) May I have a Sastiel d/s type prompt, with a lot of Cas edging Sam with any kinds of toys, as well as possibly some grace kink! type edging? Basically until Sam is nothing but a whimpering, incoherent mess before Cas lets him come? Also, I wouldn’t object to any spanking and panties!

Title: Do You Want to Come?
Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel
Word Count: 2.3k
Tags/Warnings: Bondage, mild D/s, edging, begging, mild spanking, toys/plugs, handjob, blowjob, panties, mild pain play, grace play, dirty talk, sounding (kind of)
Alternate Link: AO3

Do You Want to Come?

Sam doesn’t know how long it’s been.  It feels like forever that he’s
been immobile, strapped onto a bondage chair, comfortable yet secure,
arms out at his sides at shoulder level, legs spread, head against the
padded headrest.

The cute little pink mesh panties with black trim
are soaked with sweat and the lace has rubbed a sore spot behind his
balls because he just can’t sit completely still, and Cas has been
keeping him on edge, nearly mindless for hours or days or years.

last thing Cas used on him was a sleeve attached to a vibrator, and Sam
lost count of how many times he’d almost come only to thrash about and
whimper as Cas stopped all stimulation, backing him off again.

a vibrating butt plug in his ass that Cas turns on at random times, and
he thinks he might finally be losing his mind because he swears there’s
something trailing over his dick, but he can’t see anything, and Cas is
nowhere near him.

Cas is across the room, leaning against the
desk.  Sam’s desk in Sam’s room.  It’s a mindfuck in and of itself
because this is where he sleeps.  Researches.  Watches movies with Cas
while they sit on the bed, elbows rubbing against one another as Cas
flicks jelly beans at him.

Sam gasps as something rubs over the
tip of his dick, and for a moment he’s scared.  He’s seen enough bad
shit in his life that there could be any number of things on his dick,
but he looks up at Cas again and his body relaxes.

Cas isn’t
alarmed.  He isn’t upset.  And he isn’t running across the room to kill
whatever creature has decided to tease Sam’s piss hole.  Which means Cas
is doing it.

“Oh, fuck,” Sam moans, his head dropping back on the padded head rest.

has always believed in angels.  They were something fascinating and
beautiful, and even though he’s come to think of Cas as his friend and
lover, he still can’t help but feel a sense of awe.

An angel is
driving him wild, touching him, using his grace to make Sam squirm and
cry out.  Sam almost comes right then and there, but something pinches
his balls.

“Ah!  Cas, please!  Please!” Sam begs as he gives Cas his best ‘you know you wanna let me come’ face.

doesn’t say anything, and Sam doesn’t know if he can take any more.  
His muscles are cramping and his dick is so hard, so red that even the
soft breeze created by Cas walking by him makes his skin tingle.  He
feels even more exposed with Cas still in slacks, a button-down shirt,
and socks.

Sam bites his lip as Cas flicks a nipple.  Cas walks
around behind the chair, and Sam shivers because his ass is hanging out
in the air, waiting for Cas to do whatever he wants.  The bondage chair
supports his thighs, back, and arms, but Cas has access to everything

He hears the smack before he feels it and squeezes his eyes
shut, because even though it’s not over the butt plug, it jostles the
plug inside him.  The burn of the smack makes his teeth clench, and he
braces himself for the next one on the other cheek, but it still makes
him cry out, makes more precome ooze out of his cock.

Sam loves to
be at the mercy of Cas.  To give himself over to someone willingly.  
Someone he trusts won’t abuse that power.  Someone who wants Sam to feel
good.  Someone who knows exactly what Sam likes and doesn’t like.  
Someone who loves him enough to hold him afterward, kissing him and
telling him how proud he is of Sam.

Cas runs the tips of his
fingers over Sam’s right arm and down his torso as he walks around to
face Sam, then kneels between his legs, resting his arms on thighs.

“Do you want to come, Sam?” Cas asks as if he doesn’t know.

Sam says, nodding.  His sweat-soaked hair falls in his eyes, and Cas
reaches up, pushing his hair back.  "Please, Cas.  Please.“

look so good here,” Cas says, that intense stare directed at Sam.  "In
your pretty pink panties,“ he says as he runs a finger over the material
bunched under his balls.

Sam gasps, the pain enough to make him
squirm.  He drops his head back on the headrest and whimpers as the
tingling inside his dick starts up again.  He hasn’t paid attention,
can’t remember when it stopped, but it’s going again and almost feels
like waves.  His brain can’t really comprehend it.

"Ah!  Fuck,
Cas, oh fuck!” Sam cries out as the plug in his ass vibrates on high,
but this time the same sensation is inside his dick.

The only
thing that keeps him from going over the edge is the firm tug on his
balls just before it all dies down again, leaving Sam panting.  He
blinks up at the ceiling, his whole body trembling.

“Do you want to come, Sam?” Cas asks.

Sam lifts his head and looks Cas in the eye.  "Yes.  Please, Cas.  Hurts.  It fuckin’ hurts.“

"What hurts?” Cas asks.

huffs out a laugh that’s almost hysterical.  Cas can tell exactly what
hurts.  He can see everything, can look deep into Sam.  Sees the damaged
soul and the meat suit holding it in.  Cas knows, but he wants Sam to
talk to him because he likes to hear Sam’s breathy, aroused voice.

my balls,” Sam says, because that’s the worst thing at the moment.  
“And my dick.  And my balls.  And my ass from where you spanked me,” he
says, adding a little pout for emphasis.

Cas smiles.  "Do you want me to stop?“ he asks.

"No!” Sam blurts.

learned the first time they played what stopping means.  It doesn’t
mean Sam gets to come.  It means Cas unties him and they cuddle for a
while in bed, and even though Sam really, really wants to snuggle up to
Cas and feel safe and loved in his arms, he wants to come first.

“What do you want?” Cas asked.

yeah.  Sam feels silly for not realizing.  He’d been so lost in the
sensations that he’d forgotten one of the reasons Cas does this in the
first place.

“Want you to make me come,” Sam says.  "I want you to
play with me as much as you want, and then I want you to… I want you
to make me come.  Wanna come so fuckin’ bad, Cas.  Please.  And after I
come, after you make me scream, I want you to get yourself off.  I wanna
watch you come.  I want you to come all over me.“

Cas leans
forward and licks the underside of Sam’s cock, making him whimper.  Cas’
tongue flicks over the little bundle of nerves just under the head of
Sam’s cock as his fingers pinch and twist the skin of Sam’s balls.

shit.  Shit.  Cas, that fuckin’, ah-ow,” Sam whines, trying to close
his legs even though he knows he can’t.  Not the way Cas has him tied.

howls as the plug in his ass starts again just as Cas squeezes his
balls.  He thrashes on the chair, toes curling and his skin getting sore
wherever he’s bound.

All the sensation stops, and Sam blinks the tears out of his eyes as he looks down at Cas.

“Do you want to come?” Cas asks.

lets out a noise of frustration.  Almost a growl.  "Yeah.  I wanna
come,“ he says through clenched teeth.  "I don’t know what you want me
to say, Cas.”

Something brushes over his nipples.  It’s like a
gust of wind, and it startles him for a moment, but then he moans.  He
has a sudden desire to run out of the bunker and tell everyone he
encounters that an angel can drive him wild with his grace.  That Cas
uses something supernatural to play him so expertly.

“Sam,” Cas says.

Cas,” Sam says, nodding.  "I’m here.“  And he knows he wasn’t for a
moment.  Knows that Cas could tell.  Probably even knows what he was
thinking about.  Cas wants him there with him. So Sam nods again,
clearing his mind of anything but Cas.  "I’m here.”

“Good boy,” Cas says.  "Do you want to come?“

thrashes about, so frustrated that he lets out a scream, slamming his
head back against the headrest.  "Yes!  I want to come!  Just like all
the other times I said I wanted to come.  I still want to-ah!” he yelps
as Cas starts sucking his cock.

He’s so hard that the suction
almost hurts, but it feels amazing, and Sam never wants it to stop.  He
tries to thrust up into Cas’ mouth, but he’s too tightly bound to the

“Please lemme come, please!” Sam babbles.  He thinks maybe
he says other things, but he’s too lost.  He’s too turned on and

Cas isn’t hurried.  The suction is almost inhuman, but
his head bobs at a slow pace, and Sam wishes he could break through the
restraints and grab Cas’ head, fuck his face and come down his throat.

the thought of doing that to Cas, doing that to an angel pushes him
closer to the edge than he’s been all night, and as his balls pull up
tight against his body, he bites his lip, hoping and praying that Cas
doesn’t realize he’s so close.  That he’s about to come.

Fuck, Cas, no!  No!  Fuck!” Sam screams, not giving a fuck if his voice
carries outside the room because Cas is flicking his balls, his mouth no
longer wrapped around Sam’s cock.

Cas flicks his balls until Sam lets out a sob, tears running down his cheeks.  Tears of frustration and pain.

“Do you want to come?” Cas asks, flicking his balls one more time.

Sam screams, yanking forward in the restraints, and whether he’s trying
to intimidate Cas or just get his point across isn’t really clear in
his head, but he just knows he wants it.  "I want to fucking come!  I
want to come!  If you didn’t fuckin’ hear me the first thousand times,
I’ll say it again.  I.  Want.  To.  Come.“

Cas starts stroking his
cock.  It’s fast, and his hand is so tight around Sam’s cock that Sam
feels himself almost going over the edge again.  He doesn’t know what
his body’s doing.  He doesn’t know what he should say or if Cas is ever
going to let him come.

"Please, please, please,” Sam chants,
squeezing his eyes shut and willing Cas to just let him come, and then
it stops.  "No!  No!  Cas, fuckin’…   No!  I wanna fuckin’ come!  Just
let me come!  Please, Cas!“

"Do you want to come?” Cas asks.

nerves are on fire, and he lets out a noise that sounds like a dying
animal as he yanks and kicks and shakes and screams.  When he finally
settles, panting and shaking so badly that he doesn’t think he could
stand if he had to, Cas is there, looking up at him with no expression
on his face, but his hand is moving on Sam’s dick, the pressure just
right, the speed just right, and Sam doesn’t want to hope, but he can’t
help it.

Cas kisses his inner thigh, mouths his way over to Sam’s
balls and sucks.  Sam babbles, but he doesn’t even know what he’s
saying.  He thinks he begging, but he can’t even make his mouth move
right, and when the sensation inside his dick starts up again, it’s too
much.  His balls ache as he comes, his cock jerking so hard he’d be
impressed if it weren’t for the fact he’s gone.

He thrusts up,
fucking Cas’ hand as best he can, hands balled into fists and toes
pushing against the cement flooring.  When he done, his body collapses
against the chair.  He blinks at the ceiling, his stomach convulsing
with the aftershocks, and his panting breaths are almost not enough.

doesn’t notice what’s going on until he’s in bed, his body clean and
the plug out of his ass.  The restraints are gone, and Cas is snuggling
up to him, putting his head down on Sam’s shoulder and wrapping his
right arm around Sam’s chest.

Cas places gentle kisses on Sam’s
neck and shoulder, and Sam feels so warm, so content and boneless that
he almost can’t keep his eyes open.  He can tell the panties are gone,
and the spot under his balls is healed.

He remembers that
conversation he had with Cas months ago.  About how frustration has
always made him come really hard, but he’s never had anyone frustrate
him as much as Cas has, and even though it’s not something Sam would
want to do all the time, Sam feels pride swell in his chest, because Cas
did that for him.  He had listened and used everything he knew about
Sam to give him one of the best orgasms he’d ever had.

“I love you, Sam,” Cas whispers, then kisses him on the cheek before settling down.

“Love you too, Cas,” Sam replies, already half asleep.

Can you write a one-shot where Dean spanks a human, ex-angel canon Cas? Its long and merciless and A long time coming, until it’s over–then it’s all comfort and fluff. No sex.


Title: A Lasting Impression

Warnings/Tags:  Discipline spanking – Dean spanks Cas, non-con spanking, harsh spanking, crying, begging, and a good dose of fluff, talk of parental spanking (John + Dean). This is genfic, but squint and you could call it Dean/Castiel 🙂

Alternate Link:  AO3

A Lasting Impression

He’s faced down demons.  The King of Hell.  Powerful witches.  He’s
been alive longer than the human who’s driving twenty miles over the
speed limit and hasn’t spoken to him in nearly forty-five minutes.

Even Sam’s quiet.  He must feel the tension.

feels shaky, and he doesn’t understand why.  Sure, he’s fairly certain
he won’t enjoy what’s about to happen, but it’s not the worst he’s
experienced.  Not even by a long shot.

 “You even think of doing something this stupid again and I’ll throw
you over my knee and beat your ass until it’s black and blue.”

Cas closes his eyes and tries to control his breathing.  Of
course he knows what a spanking is.  He may have done something stupid,
but he isn’t stupid.  And really he had good intentions.

he stares out the rear passenger-side window, he wonders how many
humans have been in this same situation.  Good intentions don’t always
mean it was the right thing to do.

He wonders if, now that his
grace is completely gone and he’s one hundred percent human, he’s going
to make more and more mistakes.

Dean pulls up outside the bunker
and shuts the car off.  Cas wants to hold his breath, and if he had his
grace he could, but he can’t, and he doesn’t want to move, doesn’t want
Dean to notice him, because as big and bad as Cas was just months ago,
he’s not anymore, and it’s terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

him some new clothes,” Dean says as he pulls out his wallet and hands
Sam two hundred-dollar bills.  "And pick up something for dinner.  
Something he can eat while standing.“

Cas’ breath catches in his
chest and his stomach clenches.  He doesn’t know why his body just does
it.  He knew what was coming, but the way Dean’s talking about it, like
he assumes Cas won’t be able to sit, and like Cas needs his clothes
purchased for him, well, it’s unsettling.  Cas doesn’t suspect Dean’s
using scare tactics.  He’s not that kind of guy when it comes to things
like this.  But it’s still making his palms sweat, and he can’t figure
out if he wants to open the door and make a run for it or never move

“Dean,” Sam says.

It’s a warning.  Cas can hear it in
Sam’s voice.  Even though Sam’s just as upset as Dean over this whole
thing, Sam’s worried about him.  It’s another aspect of this whole thing
Cas hadn’t anticipated, and the backs of his eyes ache and burn.  His
nose tickles a little bit.

“Don’t start,” Dean hisses, then opens the door and gets out.

slides over into the driver’s seat, and even though Cas knows he should
be getting out, he can’t make himself move.  He’s frozen and he wonders
if his lungs might even freeze up.  He flinches as his door opens.

“C’mon, let’s go,” Dean says, holding the door open for him.

is looking forward, eyes on the back of the seat in front of him.  He
can’t move.  He doesn’t know why, but he can’t move.  Logically it makes
sense, the fight, flight, or freeze instinct kicking in, but it was
only an abstract fact before now.

Dean wraps a hand around Cas’
upper right arm and pulls him out.  Cas gets his feet under him, but he
feels numb, like he’s walking on a cloud.  He’s breathing too fast, but
he can’t make himself calm down.

All he can picture in his mind is
what he saw when he pulled Dean from Hell all those years ago, because
he saw it all.  Every bit of Dean’s life, the good and the bad, was
right there.  He remembers a cocky, teenage Dean who thought he knew
better than his father and found himself pulled over John’s knee more
than a few times.  Dean was a stubborn kid, but spankings worked when
nothing else did, so that’s what he got.

Cas knows what it’s like
through Dean’s eyes.  He may never have experienced it as a human
himself, but he knows it’ll hurt in more ways than one.  He knows Dean’s
going to make it count because what Cas did, what he’s been doing can’t
be ignored.

He suddenly gasps, and he doesn’t know how long he’d
been holding his breath, but now he can’t get enough oxygen.  He’s
panting, and he thinks he can hear himself whimpering as Dean pulls him
up the stairs.

 “You know what that means, Cas?  Do you realize I’m gonna toss you
over my knee, yank your pants and boxers down, then smack your ass?  I’m
gonna keep going until you’re crying and begging me to stop.  And it’s
not gonna be because I’m pissed or I’m looking for revenge.  It’s
because what you’re doing is hurting you and could get you killed, and
I’m not gonna let you do that.”

Dean doesn’t use words to say how he feels about someone.  He
shows it.  He chooses his words carefully and if someone’s watching,
paying attention, they’ll know.  Cas knows.  Dean loves him and
considers him family.  He wouldn’t care about Cas running off and doing
stuff like this if he didn’t love him.

Cas’ chest feels tighter
and his eyes are burning, his lips feel tingly and like they want to
move without his consent.  Not to talk, but they’re quivering, and Cas
has seen humans do this, but never really understood how it felt before.

takes him into the kitchen and stops at the steel counter where they
have some cooking utensils.  He pulls out a wooden spoon, and just as
Cas starts to pull back, his ass clenching at just the thought of it
being used on him, Dean drops the spoon back into the jar and grabs
another utensil.

Cas decides he wants the spoon instead.  Because
the thing that Dean pulls out is thicker, more sturdy, and the head of
the thing will cover about twice the diameter the spoon would have.  
Worst of all, it’s old and well-worn, which means there won’t be any
give.  Cas shakes his head, mouth opening even though he doesn’t know
what to say, but Dean makes up his mind, and then they’re walking out of
the kitchen.

Dean walks into Cas’ room, leaves the door open, and
doesn’t stop until he’s standing by the right side of the bed.  Cas is
ready for the discussion.  He wants it.  It’ll buy him some time.  
Whenever Dean got tossed over his dad’s knees, there was a discussion
first, and Dean would prolong it, but Cas never knew why before he was
standing by the bed, hoping for anything to happen that would give him
more time.

Cas stands there while Dean pulls Cas’ jacket off.  He
doesn’t know or care where Dean puts it.  He feels vulnerable in just
his jeans, T-shirt, socks, and boots.  It’s silly, and he doesn’t know
why the jacket felt like a protection.

Dean unbuttons Cas’ jeans,
then sits down on the bed, so Cas moves to sit down next to him, but is
surprised when Dean yanks him by the left arm and pulls him down over
his lap.

Cas lets out a noise that mimics an animal in distress,
and it shocks him for a moment, but then he feels his jeans and boxers
coming down and fear flares bright and painful in his chest, his

“Dean!” Cas yelps, twisting as he pushes back, but Dean
holds him down, and while he knows it’s not effortless to hold a grown
man down, Cas can’t help but feel trapped and weak.

“Settle down,” Dean says, voice gruff.  "You’re not gettin’ up for a long time.“

gasps as the spoon connects.  It’s the sound more than the pain that
gets to him.  He wasn’t expecting it, and as the pain blossoms out from
the middle of his right ass cheek, everything suddenly becomes even more

He’s over Dean’s lap.  His jeans and boxers are around his
ankles.  Dean’s got the upper hand and in this position he’s stronger
than Cas.  He’s using a wooden spoon that Cas is sure he’s going to burn
once this is over.

Dean’s hitting him.

Dean was upset
enough over this whole thing that he’s actually spanking him, and Cas
finally understands why Dean used to start crying even before the
spanking started.  His chest aches, it’s hard to breathe, and squirming
does absolutely nothing to make the pain in his backside better, but he
can’t stop himself, can’t hold still.

It’s silent in the room
other than the sound of the spoon hitting his ass and his own breathing
and whimpering, so when he cries out, legs kicking and hands scrabbling
for anything that could get him off of Dean’s lap, it feels too loud,
and he wants Dean to make some noise too, but he doesn’t know why.

manages to get his right leg up and over Dean’s and pushes himself
toward the head of the bed, his cock dragging painfully over the
material of Dean’s jeans.

“No!  No, Dean, please!” Cas yells as Dean wraps his left arm around Cas’ middle and brings him right back into position.

wants to see Dean’s face.  He wants Dean to say something.  Anything.  
He wants it to stop.  He wishes he’d never even considered putting
himself in this position.  It wasn’t worth it.

“I’m sorry!” Cas wails, yanking at the blanket and sheet.

feels the grip on his waist loosen and takes advantage of it, throwing
himself onto the floor.  He regrets it instantly when his ass lands
hard, his momentum causing his sore skin to drag on the rough flooring.
He’s panting as he looks up at Dean.

“You’re sorry?” Dean asks, and his voice is quiet.

“I’m really sorry!  I won’t do it again!” Cas says, shaking his head.

“What are you sorry for?” Dean asks, tapping his leg with the spoon.  It’s a casual movement that unnerves Cas even more.

“I’m sorry I lied,” Cas says, trying to catch his breath.

“Is that all?” Dean asks.

squirms.  He knows there’s more, but he doesn’t want to say it.  Saying
it out loud makes it more real, and he never understood it before he
lost his grace and became human like Dean.

“C’mere, we’re not done,” Dean says, patting his leg with his left hand.

Cas says, eyes widening as he holds his hands up.  "There’s more.  I
lied about where I was and I left while you and Sam weren’t here so you
wouldn’t stop me.“

"And what did you do?” Dean asks, brow
furrowing.  "What really important and dangerous thing that I told you
not to do did you go ahead and do?“

"I don’t know why you’re asking,” Cas says, face screwing up in confusion.  "You know what I did and-“

"One,” Dean says, interrupting Cas.

“One?” Cas asks, even more confused.

“Two,” Dean says.

remember this.  He suddenly and clearly remembers what it means and
scrambles to his knees.  "Wait!  Wait!  You’re doing it to make sure I
understand what I’ve done wrong!“

Dean nods.  "Yup.  Beating your
ass is just abuse unless you know why we did this.  I’d rather not have
to do this again in the future, so I want to know you fully understand

Cas thinks about it a moment, and then he feels a flare of anger.  "I’m doing what you and Sam do all the time.“

Dean crosses his arms over his chest and tilts his head a bit.  "This isn’t about me or Sam.”

“It is when I’m out there following leads just like you do,” Cas says.

I see,” Dean says, nodding.  "So when you’re following one of Crowley’s
minions around without telling us what you’re doing, that’s the same as
what we do.“

"Yes,” Cas says, resting on his ankles, then quickly deciding that wasn’t a good idea because it really hurt.

when you ditch us to trade things you’ve stolen from the bunker,” Dean
says, pausing as Cas squirms, “to trade for information, that’s
something else we’ve done?”

“You would,” Cas says.

Dean lets
out a huff of laughter.  "And when you purposely curse yourself with an
object that makes you stronger while simultaneously lowering your
inhibitions, that’s something we’ve done?“

Cas nods.  "You would,” he says again.

“No,” Dean says, “I wouldn’t.”

“If Sam’s life were in danger-”

life isn’t in danger,” Dean interrupts.  "What you’re going after,
you’re not going to get back without signing up for something that isn’t
worth the risk.“

"You can’t say that,” Cas hisses.

Hell I can’t,” Dean says, voice louder than before.  "You lost your
grace, and that sucks really fuckin’ bad, and if I could change it for
you, I would.  But you know just as well as I do that the way you’re
going about this is wrong, and it’s going to get you killed.“

"I just needed one more-”

that’s how it always is,” Dean says.  "One more of this, a little more
of that, and because it’s one step at a time, you don’t notice how far
you’ve gone.  And this isn’t the first time Sam and I have had to track
you down.  It is the first time we had to bribe a witch to take a curse off you because of it.“

"So this is the solution?” Cas challenges.

this isn’t a solution,” Dean says, shaking his head.  "This is a
reminder and incentive to stop doing the shit you’re doing.  We do this
together.  We don’t lie to each other, go behind each other’s backs,
hitchhike across the country, and follow a demon to visit a witch.“

Cas knows it sounds bad when Dean puts it like that, but he just can’t let it drop.  "Are you enjoying this?”

“I don’t want to do this,” Dean says, and Cas can see the regret in his eyes.  "C’mere,“ Dean says, holding out his hand.

Cas frowns at him.  "Why?”

“So we can finish up here,” Dean says.

Cas’ eyes widen.  "You already spanked me!“

what I did was get your attention,” Dean says.  "I want to make sure
this leaves a lasting impression so we don’t have a repeat performance.“

"It won’t happen again,” Cas says, then gasps as Dean stands up heading for him.  "No!  Wait!  Dean, no!“

tries to pull away, but Dean pushes him down onto his stomach, flat on
the floor, and grabs his flailing right arm, holding his wrist at the
small of his back.

"No!  No!  Dean, stop!” Cas screams as Dean hits him harder than before with the spoon.

twists this way and that, boots smacking into the desk and possibly
knocking some things over, but it doesn’t do him any good.  He bends his
knees, bringing his feet up and trying to cover his ass.  Cas thinks
he’s won because Dean stops, but then Dean’s pulling him up and dragging
him over to the bed.

Dean gets them up onto the bed and pulls Cas
over his lap again, bringing the spoon down over and over again.  Cas’ ass
hurts so much he lets out a bleat of frustration and pain.

“I w-ow!  I won’t do it again!” Cas yells, yanking at the blanket and sheets, hoping to get some leverage, but Dean’s got him.

feels helpless and scared, and he feels very, very sorry.  It’s
different than before.  Before he just wanted Dean to stop, and he still
wants that, but now he thinks about Dean, how Dean isn’t doing this
because he feels like it, but because he cares about Cas and worries
about him.  It hurts even more.

Cas bends his knees, trying to
cover his ass again, remembering how well it worked when Dean had him on
the floor, and when Dean stops Cas thinks he’s been successful, but
then Dean repositions him, pushing his legs down and locking them with
his own right leg.

“No!” Cas howls as Dean starts spanking him
again.  "I said I wouldn’t do it again!  Please!  Dean!  Dean, stop!  
Dean!“ he cries out, vision blurring with tears.

He lets out a
sob, squeezing his eyes shut and flailing, and when he tries to suck in
more air, he can’t.  It’s stuck.  He’s never going to be able to breathe
again, and he needs to now that he’s a human.  He panics, mouth open in
a silent scream, but his lungs won’t work.

Dean thumps him on the
back, and it’s enough of a shock that Cas can suddenly breathe again.  
He sucks in the air, almost choking on it, and then he’s crying.  
Heaving sobs that seem to come from deep inside him, and he can’t cry
hard enough, can’t get in enough air, and he doesn’t know why this has
to be so hard.

It takes him a moment to realize Dean’s not
spanking him anymore, and he cries even harder because it’s over and he
lived and he never knew it could be like this.

Dean’s rubbing his
back, but it’s not enough.  Cas wants to be closer.  Needs to be.  He
twists, grabbing Dean’s shoulder and half climbing him, half pushing him
down to the bed, and then he’s straddling Dean and burying his face in
Dean’s neck, sobbing and not caring one bit that he’s getting snot and
tears all over Dean.

Cas shudders as Dean wraps his arms around
him, his hands smoothing over Cas’ back, and it feels so good that Cas
starts crying harder, but he doesn’t know why.

"Hey, hey, I gotcha,” Dean says softly.

“I don’t w-want any more,” Cas blubbers into Dean’s neck.

“You’re not getting any more,” Dean says.  "You were punished, and I forgive you.“

Cas melts against Dean, body going lax as he sniffles.  "I’m sorry.”

“I know,” Dean says.

“I didn’t like that,” Cas says.

Dean lets out a huff of laughter.  "Neither did I.“

"I really don’t want it to happen again,” Cas says, wiping his nose on Dean’s shoulder.

Dean lets him, doesn’t get upset with him for it.  "I don’t want it to happen again either.“

"Can I burn the spoon?” Cas asks.  Cas frowns at Dean’s chuckling.  "I mean it.  I want to burn it.“

"I don’t know,” Dean says, “it was the perfect tool for the job.”

“I’m burning it,” Cas says.

Dean chuckles again.  "Okay.  We’ll burn it later.“

"Do I get to sleep with you tonight?” Cas asks.

Dean pauses.  "Huh?“

"You always crawled into bed with Sam after you got spanked,” Cas says.  "It made you feel better.“

"It did,” Dean says, “and you can.”

“I’m never going to be able to sit down again.”

chuckles.  "You’ll be fine.  It’ll hurt tonight and you’ll still be
somewhat sore tomorrow, but in a few days you won’t even remember this.“

Cas gets his hands on Dean’s chest and pushes himself up so he can glare at Dean.  "I won’t be forgetting this.”

Dean smiles.  "I know.“

Cas’ stomach growls.  "I’m really hungry,” he says as if his stomach has betrayed him by requiring food.

“Yeah, well, you worked up an appetite flopping around over my lap,” Dean says.

carefully slides off of Dean, making sure his ass doesn’t rub against
any material on the way.  He bends over to pull his boxers and jeans up,
but Dean sits up and holds out a hand.

“Wait,” Dean says, then
gets up and heads for Cas’ drawers.  He pulls one open, then another
until he finds a pair of sleep pants, then hands them to Cas.  "These’ll
feel better.“

"Oh, thank you,” Cas says.

“Here, lemme help you,” Dean says as he crouches down and unlaces Cas’ boots.

straightens, watching as Dean takes the time to lift each foot and take
each boot off, then helps him step out of the jeans and boxers.

“I always get a little shaky,” Dean says as he takes the sleep pants from Cas and holds them out for Cas to step into.

Cas smiles crookedly as Dean carefully slides them up his legs, avoiding his ass.

“There, all set,” Dean says.  "Do you know what you want to eat?“

thinks about it a moment, then grins.  "One of those sandwiches you
made Sam the other night.  With the marshmallow fluff and peanut

Dean chuckles.  "I don’t know how you guys eat those,“ he
says, shaking his head, but he’s clearly amused.  "Okay, but what if
Sam brought home something better?”

“I can eat both,” Cas says.  "I’m very hungry.“

Dean puts his hands on Cas’ shoulders from behind and guides him out of the bedroom.  "Sounds good to me.”

we watch a movie tonight?” Cas asks as they make their way to the
kitchen.  "I saved a few movies on Netflix that looked interesting.“

wraps his left arm around Cas as they walk into the kitchen, Sam
already there and brow furrowed in concern.  "Yeah, we’ll make Sam set
the laptop up in my room.”

“Thank you, Dean,” Cas says, then leans over the steel table, ready to watch as Dean makes his sandwich.

Anon Request: The Sniffles


Anon Request (link):
I have a kink for sneezing/illness/caretaking. I would like something with Sam/Dean where Sam gets off on Dean’s sneezes. Or, honestly I would SERIOUSLY be just as happy with Sam getting off on just Dean being sick, minus the sneezing. Just like kitten-weak sick Dean and Sam… taking care of him. Sam should want to make him feel better but you can have him tease Dean or go a bit dubcon if you want with it too since Dean would be sick/kind of out of it, just no completely evil!Sam please. 

Warnings/Tags:  Sam/Dean, sick!Dean, sneeze kink, sickness/illness kink (Dean has a cold), masturbation, bodily fluids, cuddling, somnophilia (kinda), blowjob with very slight dub-con only because Dean’s so out of it

Alternate Link:  AO3

A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this. Sneeze kink is something I forget about until I read something about it, and then I remember how much I like it, so thank you, anon 🙂

The Sniffles


It ended on a moan, and Sam smiled, because
Dean never did handle being sick well.  Most people were more vulnerable
when they were sick, but with Dean it was like he just let his walls
come crashing down.

Sam figured that was part of the reason why he
found it such a turn-on.  Dean never put down all his walls, very
rarely let people see the real him, and yet Sam got to see that part of


Sam had already given Dean some cough
and cold medicine, had fed him soup even though Dean whined about the
lack of “real” food, and he’d wiped Dean down while his brother whined
about how cold he was.

Dean turned over in bed and threw his left
arm and leg over Sam.  Sam felt that swell of emotion in his chest as
Dean grunted and put his his head down on Sam’s upper arm.  Dean was too
out of it to realize he was cuddling in bed, and even if he did he
might not care because he was so sick.


Sam’s eyes
widened and his cock twitched in his boxers.  Dean had to be sleeping
because he hadn’t even tried to cover his face.  Dean was a dead weight
on him, little puffs of his breath ghosting over Sam’s shoulder, cooling
the snot he’d just sprayed over Sam’s skin, and Dean was completely

Dean made a little noise of snuggled closer to Sam,
holding Sam tighter.  Sam waited a moment to make sure Dean was out and
reached down with his right hand, slowly reaching into his boxers.  
Dean’s breathing was a little rough, but the medicine was doing its job
because he sounded less congested than he did earlier.

Sam wrapped
his hand around his hard cock and stroked himself, turning his head and
pushing his nose into the hair at the top of Dean’s head.  Dean’s hair
was sweat-soaked, and Sam decided to get Dean into the shower once he’d
had a chance to nap.

His cock was leaking, balls aching he was so
turned on.  He placed a kiss on the top of Dean’s head and shivered a
bit as Dean let out a happy, contended little moan.

Sam stroked
himself faster, hoping he wouldn’t disturb Dean.  Dean sniffled, and
just as Sam picked up the pace again, Dean sneezed, wet and loud.  Sam
came quietly, biting his lip and squeezing his eyes shut, toes curling
as he forced himself to stay still.

“S’mmy,” Dean moaned, “don’feel good.”

Sam rubbed his nose in Dean’s hair and gave him another kiss on the top of his head.  "Go back to sleep, Dean.  I gotcha.“

wasn’t really awake.  Not really.  And as soon as Sam spoke, Dean was
already settling deeper into sleep.  Sam pulled his hand out of his
boxers and licked himself clean, wiping the last of it on the sheets.

settled in, closing his eyes, the too-warm weight of Dean against him
soothing.  Dean snuffled, then coughed and let out a moan.  Sam fell
asleep with his nose still in Dean’s hair.

The cough medicine wore off quickly, and soon Dean was coughing and hacking again, waking the both of them up.

"You’re going to make yourself throw up,” Sam said as he held the little cup to Dean’s plump lips.

“Don’t want it,” Dean whined, turning his head.

“C’mon,” Sam said, cupping the back of Dean’s head and holding him still while he pushed the plastic against Dean’s lips.

moaned and tried to push Sam away, but he was in no condition to fight
it and eventually just drank the medicine.  "Ugh, disgusting,“ he
grumbled as he pushed his face into the pillow.

Sam chuckled softly as he rinsed the cup out in the sink and got back into bed.  Dean was still coughing.

"Calm down,” Sam said, running his fingers through Dean’s hair.  "If you throw the medicine up I’ll have to give you more.“

Dean let out a whine, which only made him cough more.  He coughed so hard he gagged, and Sam knew he had to do something.

"Okay, let’s try this,” he said as he pulled his cock out and got to his knees.

Dean blinked at him for a moment, eyes a little unfocused, confused and not really getting it at all.

“Open your mouth,” Sam said, pushing his thumb into Dean’s mouth.

did as he was told, but as Sam pushed his cock into Dean’s mouth, Dean
started to cough again.  Sam hissed, the sensation of Dean coughing
around him only turning him on more.

He wasn’t trying to hurt
Dean, so he pulled back and pushed in again, giving Dean some time to
breathe.  Dean’s eyes widened and he pushed at Sam, sucking in a deep
breath before sneezing all over Sam’s stomach.

Dean whined around
Sam’s cock, closing his eyes and relaxing as Sam pushed in and pulled
out, over and over again, giving Dean something to concentrate on.

“There ya go,” Sam said, wiping the tears from the latest coughing fit from Dean’s cheeks.

didn’t bother to wipe the snot from under Dean’s nose.  Dean didn’t
seem to notice and Sam certainly didn’t mind.  Dean moaned around him,
then choked again, right hand coming to rest on Sam’s thigh.  He wasn’t
pushing Sam away, and Sam suspected it was just because Dean was so
clingy when he was sick, needed more and more physical contact to the
point where even now, with Sam’s cock in his mouth and Sam’s hands
cupping his face, Dean still wanted more.

Sam wasn’t going to last
long.  Dean was making snuffly noises, his nose was running, and he was
relaxing more and more as Sam fucked his mouth, letting Sam do whatever
he wanted.

Dean didn’t try to pull away the next time he sneezed.
 Sam backed off enough that Dean could get some air, almost coming as
Dean’s snot sprayed onto Sam’ cock, ran down his upper lip, and the
drool from Dean’s mouth started to drip down onto his neck.

wasn’t moving very fast.  Didn’t need to.  Just kept up a steady pace so
Dean could breathe.  Dean started another coughing fit and Sam pushed
Dean’s mouth closed around his cock.  Dean tried to twist away, more
drool and snot running down his face, but Sam just held him.  Sam pushed
his thumbs into Dean’s mouth on either side of his cock, and Dean
sucked in a lungful of air before sneezing again.

“Oh, fuck,” Sam
moaned, his cock dripping with spit and snot as he came down Dean’s
throat, those plump lips lax around Sam’s cock.

Dean just
swallowed it down, as if it didn’t make a difference to him whether it
was more of his own spit or Sam’s jizz.  Sam pulled out and yanked his
own shirt off, using it to clean his cock and stomach before wiping
Dean’s face clean.

Sam tossed the shirt onto the floor and
snuggled down with Dean, who was already snoring, his coughing fit over
since the medicine had a chance to do its job.  He drifted off wondering
if Dean’s asshole would clench around him if Dean sneezed while he was
fucking him.

assbuttintheimpala’s Request:


@assbuttintheimpalafiction‘s Request (link):
Could you do marine!Dean who has been deployed overseas for a while and
he surprises his boyfriend twink!castiel with a visit. Rough, needy
welcome home sex would be amaze Bottom!Cas too please with any other
kinks you like 🙂 Thanks heaps!

Warnings/Tags: Marine!Dean/Twink!Cas, AU, manhandling, fucking/anal sex, blowjob/oral sex, dirty talk, discussion of DP and toys

Alternate Link:  AO3

The One Where You Do That Thing

Cas didn’t know he was coming home, and Dean grins as he sneaks up behind the kid and wraps his arms around him.

“Dean?!” Cas screams, dropping the plate he’d been washing on the floor.

doesn’t care.  He carries Cas to the bedroom, soap suds and all, Cas
giggling the whole way.  He doesn’t even make it to the bed, just yanks
the pajama pants down, lets them fall to the floor as Cas wraps his legs
around Dean.

“Missed you,” Cas says, kissing Dean’s nose, his cheeks, his forehead.  "Missed you so fuckin’ much.“

"Missed you more, baby,” Dean says, then moans as he pushes a finger into Cas’ hole and finds him wet.

“I was playing with myself,” Cas says, the blush of his cheeks betraying the cocky smirk.

“Were you thinking about me?” Dean asks as he pushes his cock into Cas and ruts up against him.

head smacks into the wall as he whimpers, adjusting to a cock that’s
bigger than the toy he was playing with.  "Yeah.  I came watching that
video you made for me.“

"Which one?” Dean asks, because he’d left
about five of them, not including the ones he’s made for Cas over the
last two years they’ve been together.

“The one where you look
right into the camera,” Cas says, fingernails scratching at Dean’s
shoulders as he rolls his body, trying to get Dean deeper inside.  "The
one where you do that thing.“

Dean laughs.  "Oh, that one,” he drawls, teasing.  "Totally narrowed it down for me.“

Cas scowls at him.  "How’m I s’posed to think with that big cock in me?”

Dean nibbles on Cas’ pouty lip, then carries him over to the bed and tosses him down.

“Hey!” Cas yelps, still in his T-shirt, cock hard and leaking.

climbs onto the bed and grabs Cas around the waist, turning him around
and sitting Cas down on his cock as Dean kneels.  Cas groans, arching
his back and reaching up to cradle Dean’s head, the position
accentuating Cas’ little tummy.

“The one where you used that clear
fleshlight,” Cas says, trying to fuck himself on Dean’s cock.  "You had
the camera on the nightstand and you were holding the fleshlight down
on the bed, fucking it while you looked at me through the camera.“

"Oh, yeah, that one was fun,” Dean says, wrapping a hand around Cas’ cock and stroking as he fucks Cas.

yeah, and you were talkin’ dirty to the camera,” Cas says, wriggling
against Dean.  "Tellin’ me that thing you wanted to do to me.“

"That thing I still haven’t done to you yet?” Dean asks, grabbing Cas’ wrists and placing Cas’ hands on the headboard.

Cas takes the hint and grabs on hard.  "Yeah.  We still gotta do that,“ he said, breathless.

wraps his hands around each of Cas’ thighs and yanks him back, fucking
Cas so hard that Cas’ knees don’t even touch the bed.  "Need to work up
to it,” he says.

“Yeah, my hole’s too small for that,” Cas says.  
“Your cock’s big.  I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to have
two of them in me.”

“I bought the kit on the way home,” Dean says.

also doesn’t know about the other toys Dean bought on the way home, and
he has a feeling Cas is going to scream his name when he slips the
vibrating cock ring onto Cas while he pounds into him from behind.

“Fuck yeah!  Can’t wait to try that!” Cas cheers, body nearly shaking with excitement.  "How long do I get you?“

weeks.  Two long weeks of fuckin’ you on every surface of this house,”
Dean says, then groans as he comes inside Cas, fucking him so hard the
headboard bangs into the wall over and over again.  "Gonna spend more
time inside you than not.  Gonna fuck you the whole two weeks,“ he says
as his hips slow and he pulls Cas away from the headboard, flopping
back, Cas landing on top of him as they pant.

"Hey, you’re not done yet,” Cas grumbles as he squeezes around Dean’s cock.

chuckles as he pushes Cas off him and gets to his knees.  Cas cries out
as Dean sucks him down, fucking up into Dean’s mouth as Dean grabs his
ass and doesn’t stop until Cas is coming down his throat, screaming and
thrashing about.

“Missed you so fuckin’ much,” Cas slurs.

“Missed you too, baby,” Dean says as he wraps his arms around Cas and settles in for a little nap before round two.

Can you please write a non-sexual infantilism of baby!sam, daddy!dean and daddy!cas please?


I’ll add it to my list.  As you may have noticed, I have a thing for non-sexual infantilism, so THANK YOU 😀

Tags/Warnings: No obvious pairings, but Dean/Castiel if you want to read it that way, non-sexual infantilism/age play, diapers, baths, fluff, bottles, baby!Sam, Daddy!Dean, Daddy!Castiel
Alternate Link: AO3

Title: Bottles and Baths

Daddy makes him a warm bottle downstairs while Papa gets his bath
ready upstairs.  Sam chews on his fist as he waits patiently, naked on
the bathroom mat and peering into the tub.  Papa knows just how much
bubble bath to put in, and Sam grins as Papa adds some toys to the

“Uh?” Sam grunts.

“C’mon, kiddo,” Papa says as he picks Sam up and settles him in the water before kneeling just outside the tub.

“Fishy!” Sam says, holding up his squeezy fish.

smiles, green eyes sparkling with love and amusement.  "Yeah, that’s
your fishy.  Did you see what Daddy got you?“ he asks as he points to
the corner of the tub enclosure.

Sam gasps when he sees it.  
"Puppy!” he nearly squeals, reaching out and grabbing his new squeazy
toy and hugging it to his chest.

“Don’t forget to say thank you to Daddy when he comes up here,” Papa says.

“‘K,” Sam says, then introduces his puppy to his fishy.

picks up the shampoo and starts to wash Sam’s hair.  Papa’s better at
it than Daddy is because Daddy’s been doing it for much longer.  Daddy
even did it back when Sam was a baby, not a big boy like he is now.  
Papa never gets the soap in his eyes even if Sam’s playing with his

“Head back, Sammy,” Papa says.

Sam does as he told and
squeezes his eyes shut because you can never be too careful.  Papa
rinses Sam’s hair, then gives Sam a kiss on the top of his head to let
him know he’s done.

“Good boy,” Papa says, then grabs Sam’s turtle squeezy toy and uses it to kiss Sam’s neck, making kissy noises.

giggles, putting his chin to his chest because it tickles when Papa
does that.  Sam holds his new puppy up to Papa’s cheek and makes kissy
noises as he touches the puppy’s face to Papa’s skin.

Papa gasps.  "I get puppy kisses?“ he asks, smiling.

"Yeah,” Sam says, nodding.

“Your bottle’s ready, little one,” Daddy says from the doorway, holding the bottle up.

“You hungry, kiddo?” Papa asks.

“Uh-huh!” Sam says, nodding, then he holds up his new toy and smiles at Daddy.  "Tank you.“

Daddy grins.  "You’re welcome.”

gives his new puppy and his fishy each a kiss before setting them on
the edge of the tub.  Papa unplugs the drain and Sam holds his hands up
in the air as the water goes down the hole.

“There’s our big boy,” Papa says, wrapping a fluffy towel around Sam and lifting him out.

snuggles up to Papa.  Papa’s strong.  He can carry Sam around the
house.  Daddy can too, but that’s because he’s got special stuff inside
him that makes him look pretty and glowy when anything outside the house
gets scary.

Papa sets Sam down on the changing table and gets him into a diaper while Daddy picks out some pajamas.

“How about these?” Daddy asks, holding up some pajamas that are white with blue and yellow stars all over them.

“Yeah!” Sam says.

Papa puts his pajamas on, then lifts him off the table.  "Okay, Daddy, sit down and I’ll put Sammy on you for his bottle.“

sits down on the sofa, scooting to one side so Sam’s butt can rest on
the seat while his head is cradled in Daddy’s lap.  Daddy holds the
bottle up for him and runs his fingers through Sam’s hair while Papa
sits down on the other end of the couch and puts Sam’s legs over his

Sam closes his eyes, happy and content as his Papa and Daddy
both gently caress him and Papa tells a story about fairies and space
ships and corn fields.  Sam’s asleep before they put him into his crib.