Title: Intel
Ship: Dean/Castiel/Jimmy (with twincest)
Rating: Explicit
Link: AO3
Word count: 1574
Tags/Warnings: Alternate
Universe – Assassin’s & Hitmen, Bottom Jimmy, Top Castiel, Anal Plug, Enemies to Lovers, Kissing, Blow Jobs, Anal Sex, Porn With Plot, Hurt Dean Winchester, Background Poly, Sibling Incest
Created for @spnpolybingo​​
Square: Hitmen AU

Jimmy and Castiel need to have words with their handler about timing
after they shoot an innocent man. But first they want to see justice

The Novak twins are a pricey pair to hire. But if you have the money and your hit fits within their ethics policy? They’ll help you take down dictators, unscrupulous businessmen and politicians, religious leaders taking advantage of their position. Anyone who is bad news and making people hurt.

Dough plus righteous cause equals a done deal for Jimmy and Castiel Novak. Simple rules, easy to follow.

But some jokers just never get it.


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Dean/Cas/Jimmy assassin/hitman AU?!!!!!!!!!