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Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe

Multichapter FanFiction

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelmonsters (1st generation)

  • Glistering Light – Burning Shadow
    (Canon!Verse / Pairings: Puzzleshipping / Yugi x Yami Yugi)

    Read it on AO3

Yu-Gi-Oh! All Generations

  • Crystal Kingdom  (Alternate Universe Atlantis – Ancient Times / Pairings: Astral x Yuma / Yubel x Jaden / Dartz x Ione / OCxOC)
    Read it on AO3
    Read it on Tumblr [1] [2]


Multichapter FanFiction:

  • Cat-astrophic Hunting Stories (Supernatural/Kitten!Dean/ A little Sabriel/Kinda Canon!Verse)
    Read it on Ao3
    Read it on Tumblr [Ch.1]
  • How Wings Grow (Supernatural/Sabriel/Professor!Gabe/College AU)
    Read it on Ao3
    Read it on Tumblr [Ch.1]
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dean Winchester (Supernatural/Father!Dean/Kinda Canon!Verse)
    Read it on Ao3

Planned FanFiction:

Short Ficlet Series:



  • It’s the Fear (Supernatural/Rowena-Centered/Spn 11 Coda/Mild LuciferxRowena)


  • Fireworks (Supernatural/No Ship/Winchester Brothers)
  • And I will reign (Superatural/No Ship/Rowena-centered)


Lost Feathers – Ch.9 – Drive


FanFiction: Lost Feathers
Type: FanFiction, Season 11 Coda, SPOILERS for Season 11!
Chapter: Chapter 9 – Drive
“Yes” – a little word changed everything Castiel and Dean knew.
Dean is still questioning for whom he might pine for Castiel has to
face completely different problems. While Dean is caged in his own
emotions, Castiel finds himself in a real cage.
And Lucifer might have the last laugh this time.

Additional-Tags: Spoilers, Season 11 Spoilers, Destiel, Lucifer, toxic behaviour, Cas in a cage, Season 11 Coda
Read it on Ao3!
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Author’s Note: Finally! I did it! I am sorry it took me so long.
Real-Life thought it had to interfere with my writing…-.-
Soon I’ll be back at my usual updating-schedule. <3
Thank you for your patience. !


-=-=-=- Dean -=-=-=-

Dean turned the volume of the radio higher. His playlist was mostly consistent of classic rock with sometimes some hard rock thrown in. However, right now, it was Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ that was blasting through the speakers and mixed with Dean’s voice.

The bags full of take-away food were placed on the shotgun’s side. He had taken some extra fries for Sam, because he knew the younger one would steal his fries again. And Dean did not forget his pie, not like Sammy mostly did.

However, Dean’s thoughts had trailed off and away from the food a while ago. They were wavering around the things Mildred had said, around Amara and her grip on him.

Dean’s mouth became dry, the humming sound he made along to the song fainted then died. The thoughts consumed his brain, nearly muting out the catchy tune of the radio.

Dean’s gaze was fixed on the street, on the rear of the car in front of him and Baby, but he was rather driving in a habit than really noticing what was going on.

Was he really pining for Amara? For god’s sister? Or was she just using her powers to get a hold of Dean to…. Yeah to do what? Dean didn’t know what that woman even wanted from him. He was a mortal human being. A hunter, that searched for ghosts and ghouls and vampires and protected people. Why did that woman, no thing, even take interest in him?

Dean sighed. He knew, that he had stopped being ‘a simple man’ long ago. He was not only a hunter anymore, not since they encountered demons, angels, had started the apocalypse several times… There was no such thing as normal anymore. No such thing as simple.

On the contrary. There were demons and angels gutting each other, kings and queens of hell fighting for the throne, an angelic civil wars… and now the darkness, Amara, god’s freakin’ sister!

He rubbed his eyes with one hand while he waited at a red light.

God’s freakin’ sister. As if Lilith and Lucifer hadn’t been enough. No, it had to be god’s sister. And the old man was nowhere to be found. Not a single glimpse of him in sight. Dean growled. What a great ‘father’ that man was. He had left his creation alone, he had allowed Lucifer and Lilith to wander over earth and bring on the apocalypse, he had left mankind alone, he had left his angels all alone. He had failed everyone who ever believed in him.

Dean stepped on the break as another car took the road advantage from him, nearly crashing into the right side of the Impala. Dean turned the steering wheel, avoided to get hit by the other car. The engines died, because Dean let go of the hitch.

Dean cursed under his breath and started Baby’s engines anew as soon as Baby would let him.

“Stupid idjit!” he huffed as he set Baby back on the street, shaking his head over the other driver being so careless.


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