hand foot and mouth disease, anyone?

AC, AC’s husband, and Addy all have it. A kid in Andre’s class had it – Andre was sent home with a letter about it a few weeks back.

I *really* hope none of us get this. I don’t know what I’d do with the shop, and I can’t close it for several weeks. Artists are too fickle to close it for even a few days.

We told AC there’s no way in hell we’re taking Addy for several weeks. Apparently you can still be contagious for a few weeks after your symptoms are gone.

AC is just enough of an asshole that she cares more about getting a break from the baby than the health of me and my customers. She claims Addy doesn’t have it, which is pretty much impossible if both of her parents have it and she’s living in a small trailer and sleeping with them in bed.

i maaay have taught addy the “what are those?!” thing


And now her parents are Not Happy.

I think it’s hilarious to see a kid under 2 years old pulling that on her own brother, and if they didn’t want me teaching her stupid shit, they should’ve raised her themselves, so there 😛

If AC bothered to remember, I also taught HER several things her parents didn’t like when we were little, including the most annoying sound in the world, which yeah, they really didn’t like that.

i’m trying not to get too excited here but……………………

My mom is taking the kids down to AC’s tomorrow and they’re going Sunday to bring Andre back, BUT ADDY IS STAYING WITH AC AND HUSBAND!!!

I don’t know how long this will last, but my mom is really pushing on them how they NEED to do this and how Addy is doing terrible with the babysitters and really laying on thick that she NEEDS her mommy and daddy and blah blah.

Nothing has been said again about the trailer park being “adults only” so I think that was just another bullshit thing to get us to leave them alone.

But like I said, I’m trying not to get too excited, but I have a small tiny itsy bitsy sliver of hope.

At the very least, we get the next few days toddler free and 11yo free until Sunday night!!!

the babysitter quit

We’re all kinda freaking out, especially since we can’t afford to enroll her in any of the daycare centers here.

So AC just happened to text last night and ask if they could have this kids this weekend, and my mom was like YES we’ve been trying to get a hold of you. AC explained they worked out something with this lawn care guy – they gave him their Obamaphone and he pays them for the privilege. AC and husband are always so incredibly smart *eyeroll* and so this dude has been getting all our texts of HEY GET A HOLD OF US WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE KIDS!!

Anyway my mom took the kids down there today and presented them with the idea that it’s not funny anymore. Babysitter quit and either AC needs to take at least the baby (preferably both kids) and if they don’t, we’re going to ask for financial assistance from the government for the kids, which we can easily get because we have proof the kids are under our care and Andre is going to the school two blocks from our house, but (as my mom will be informing AC) that means AC’s food stamps will get cut off.

I’m hoping this lights a fire under their ass because they REALLY like their food stamps. They sell half of them and use the other half for food every month, and they get a ridiculous amount of them.

I’m not getting too hopeful because I’m sure either they’ll find a way to fuck things up or weasel out of it somehow or my family will back down and just take the kids back even without government assistance, but I’m slightly hopeful.

We’ve now had the kids 6 months.