Rating: Mature

Relationships: Benny x Sam

Tagged: Reality TV, Alternate Universe, Cowboys, Sauna, Cowpats, Lassos, Hitting with Birch Branches, Bottom Sam, Top Benny, Won’t Someone Let Sam Have a Cup of Coffee?, Grinding, Hand Jobs, Animal Husbandry, Rope Bondage, Swearing



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“Welcome to a dick shriveling 20 degrees on a January Monday morning, and the cold, white expanse of Tyrst Ranch.” Gabriel Novak shuffles to turn from the camera and looks back behind him at the acres of open country covered in snow. Boundary fences are only little black dots on the horizon. Gabriel can barely move in his down stuffed jacket and well padded snow boots.

“We’re in Sublette County, Wyoming, and this is: Cowtails.” Dean fist bumps Gabe as he turns back. The sound muted by their thick gloves. Dean also looks like he has the limited posing range of a Ken doll.

Only the experienced viewer would catch the subtle hint of rivalry as these two crazy kids bump fists—it’s all in the twitches of their lips. The rivalry that burns between the two and constantly threatens to spill out into full on bitching. Their eyes are covered by sunglasses.

“CUT!” Yells Castiel and he starts heading for the ranch house, Sam running behind with a thermos cup filled with hot steaming java.

Yep, it is gonna be a long day.


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