Title: Thoughtful
Ship: Benny/Cas/Dean
Rating: Explicit
Link: AO3
Word count: 1083
Tags/Warnings: Polyamory; Domestic Fluff; Kissing; Oral Sex; Aromantic Dean Winchester; Alternate Universe- No Supernatural 
Created for @spnpolybingo​​​​
Square: Aro Character

They’re meant to be driving to San Jose in less than hour. Unfortunately
(fortunately?), Dean, Benny and Castiel are easily distracted.

“You’re the light, you’re the spell. Cover up, let’s be it, do it, celebrate it. Silver eye…” sung the lead of Goldfrapp over the stereo speakers.

Dean bopped his head to the beat, his ass swung from side to side as he plated up the omelets he’d been cooking on the stove top. He licked his lips, hunger made his stomach rumble. With the skill of someone who’d worked waiting tables at some point in his life, Dean scooped up the three plates, one resting on his right arm and one in each hand. Hoping his loose jeans wouldn’t slip down further as he carried the plates, Dean walked carefully from the stove.

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new fic: ignore the mess

Ignore the Mess
Link: AO3
Square Filled: Gunplay
Ship: Sam/Castiel/Jimmy, established Castiel/Jimmy
Rating: R/Mature/Semi-Explicit
Tags: fear kink, gunplay, twincest, au, handjob, murder brothers, grave robber!Sam
Summary: Sam’s boyfriend is insane.
Word Count: 1k
Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo

His boyfriend was insane.  There was no other explanation.  Completely batshit insane.

took a cleansing breath, trying to calm himself down and think
rationally for a second, because maybe it wasn’t that terrifying and he
was being a big baby about the fact that the business end of a gun was
trailing down his neck as Jimmy grinned up at him.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Sam,” Jimmy said, voice soft and a sharp contrast to the cold metal.

back was plastered to the wall, and Jimmy’s body was warm pressed up
against his front.  "O-okay,“ he said, hands fisted at his sides.

just need to make sure you’re not going to freak out over what you
saw,” Jimmy said, then tapped the butt of the gun on Sam’s jaw.  "But
you’re not freaking out, are you?“

Sam was too scared to shake his
head.  "No.  No, I’m not freaking out over what Ca-your brother.  What
your brother was doing.  No.  I’m fine.”

The door down the hallway closed, and Sam shivered as Cas walked into the living room.

“He’s lying,” Cas said as he took his jacket off, frowning at the blood stains on it.  Fresh blood stains.

 No, I’m not lying!” Sam said.  "I mean, I was shocked at first, but
I’m okay now.  A-and I’m sure whatever it was you were doing in there
with that guy was for a good reason.  A reason you don’t need to share
with me because I’m fine.  It’s none of my business.“

Jimmy chuckled as he cupped Sam’s crotch with his right hand, the gun still resting against Sam’s jaw.

just…,” Sam started, letting out a whimper when Jimmy massaged him
through the jeans.  "I-it’s a reaction.  To fear.  It… it just
happens.  So yeah, I’m kinda scared.“

"You like it?” Jimmy asked, flicking the safety off.

Sam gulped in air and squeezed his eyes shut.  "No!  No, I don’t like it!  I just get hard when I’m scared!“

"I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you,” Jimmy said, still palming Sam’s erection.

moaned, and Sam opened his eyes, flinching when he saw Cas’ face, his
chin on Jimmy’s right shoulder.  He hadn’t even heard Cas moving on the
carpet.  The zipper on his jeans slowly came down, and Sam’s eyes
widened, because the hand on his crotch hadn’t gone away.

“Oh, shit,” Sam hissed.

“He’s lying again,” Cas said, a tiny smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth.  "He likes it.“

whimpered as one hand pulled his dick out and another wrapped around
his balls.  He wasn’t sure who was holding what, but there was no doubt
in his mind one of the hands was Cas’.  His boyfriend’s brother.  His
fucking twin.

"Cas is really good at reading people,” Jimmy said.  "He can pick up on lies like nobody else.“

not lying,” Sam said, breath stuttering when a finger pressed on his
taint, and yeah, that had to be Jimmy’s finger.  He recognized the move
and did it just the way Sam liked.  The hand on his dick was moving way
too slow and was firmer than Jimmy usually held him.

“If you can’t
stop lying,” Cas said, voice gravely and low and doing things to Sam
that it really shouldn’t, “then we’ll have to plug that hole.”

“Open,” Jimmy said, tapping the butt of the gun on Sam’s lips.

Sam did as he was told, too scared to refuse, and Jimmy pushed the gun in carefully.

“Now suck,” Cas said.

didn’t want to think about where the gun had been.  What was on it.  
How many people had been killed using it.  He didn’t want to think about
the fact that his boyfriend’s brother had just killed a man in the
bedroom.  The only bedroom in the small house, Sam realized.

cock twitched as it all came together, a knowing look in Cas’ eyes as he
bit down on Jimmy’s shoulder playfully.  Possessively.  Sam had never
been so turned on, and he didn’t want to think about that either.

“Pretty,” Jimmy said as Sam sucked on the gun.

Cas reached up and ran his finger over Sam’s jaw.  The same finger he’d used to kill a man not even fifteen minutes ago.

“Wanna fuck him, Sam?” Jimmy asked.

Sam froze, eyes wide.  "Huh?“

"I’ll let you fuck him while I fuck you,” Jimmy said.

eyes fluttered closed and he moaned.  He really shouldn’t have been so
turned on, but fuck was he ever.  He would’ve never admitted it to Jimmy
before, but he’d been attracted to Cas from the first time he’d stayed
at their house, fucking Jimmy while Cas watched TV in the living room.

pulled the gun out of Sam’s mouth as Cas stroked him.  "Sound dirty?“
he asked, smirking.  "Fucking my brother while I fuck you with this,” he
said, holding up the gun.

Sam’s hips bucked forward and he cried
out, coming with Cas’ hand wrapped around his cock, squeezing his orgasm
out of him and making him shudder.

“How’s his refractory time?” Cas asked.

Jimmy chuckled again.  "It’ll take him a while to get it up again.  Until then he can watch you fuck me.“

winced as Cas squeezed his oversensitive cock.  He forced himself to
stay still, not sure if it would piss Cas off if he tried to pull away.

"The bed’s more comfortable,” Cas said.

It took a moment for Sam’s brain to catch up, but when he did, he cringed.  "Th-the body,“ he said.

"Is that going to bother you?” Jimmy asked.

opened his mouth, ready to tell Jimmy that of course it bothered him.  
No way in hell could he fuck in a room with a dead body.

But then
he thought about the times he and Dean had spent all night digging only
to find they’d waited too long, gotten the tip from Ash too late, and
the stench that would take his breath away as they pulled the jewelry
and other valuables off the bodies before shoveling the dirt back into
the graves, keeping an eye out for the groundskeepers.

He never minded the fresh bodies.  It was only the ones that were in the ground for a week, maybe two that turned his stomach.

And he wanted.  Wanted them both.

“No,” Sam said.  "It doesn’t bother me.“

The twins smiled.

Nerdy Men of Letters Dean AU….the SEQUEL  or should I say….PREQUEL (dun dun duuuuun)


So had another rush of ideas for the fun entirely in my head AU where Henry Winchester survives, was firing them off in PM’s to @mayalaen and @powerfulweak when Maya suggested I post it in a forum that could be forwarded to other fans of Nerdy MoL dean….so… we go. (First a shot of one of the inspiring picture that started it all.)   [stealth tagging @mashiarasdream to inform them of this WIP and the related link below for the father of this Wip head-cannon to fulfill my daily obligation to give them a fun story idea.]

And for those in the dark…This AU was an elaborate excuse to rerwrite Season 1 with Charlie and Castiel in it WAY sooner, and to put Dean in nerdy glasses as a MoL magic user (Charlie too).  The premise was Henry Winchester returns to his time surviving Abaddon and tries to avert the misfortune to befall his son, but fate (and possibly angels) keep interfering ensuring that Jon continues on the path that while it leads to Henry’s grandchildren, also leads to the death of Mary Campbell, and Jon’s short trip off the deep end.  Link Here 

The last batch of back and forths that result in Dean turning 28ish (or season 1 age I forget) and being initiated as a full Men of Letters with his BFF Charlie (Henry made the MoL America gender inclusive), only to panic worrying about his missing dad and sneaking off from the Bunker after using the MoL lore to forge a pact with a grumpy guardian angel Castiel to provide the muscle he fears he’ll need trying to track down his dad and win over the help of his brother Sam.  But I was admiring looking at old images of the guys in their early acting careers and though of a fun twist. 

So after Mary dies, and Daddy Winchester runs off, Dean is left with Henry, and of course goes into Dean Winchester latches-onto-and-over-emulates-a-parental-figure™, diving into being a good little MoL nerd.  Of course he rarely gets to leave the Bunker with how overprotective Grandpa Henry is.  And even worse, he can kiss having a normal life or god-help-him relationship since there isn’t another initiate in the Bunker that isn’t terrified of pissing of super-protective Granpda Henry, except Charlie, his BFF, and she’s hardly interested in dating him. (and visa versa).  So in a desperate bid to not go stircrazy, Dean convinces Grandpa Henry to take him on a few planned trips to Chicago over a few months, when he’s 18, where Grandpa Henry is visiting the super secret Supernatural Library hidden beneath the real Chicago Library.  

Dean, meanwhile decides to sneak into the normal, or as his friend Charlie calls it, “muggle” part of the library to meet…normal people and just get out from the Winchester-names far reaching shadow. 

Years of hiding in the MoL dark bunker and cramming his face into ancient books and manuscripts have lead to dean having a bit of a vision problem, not that he even realized until he’s in a strange place he’s never been, with bright lights, (unlike the Bunker) and is having trouble seeing.

Still he’s escaped Grandpa Henry, and sure there’s a little trouble seeing, but he’s out in the real world, with real people, that don’t care about the supernatural, and he needs to just get out of the normal library for just a second and see the open sky.  So he rushes in the direction he thinks the public library exit is, managing fine even if everything around him is a little blurry, until he runs into another guy, literally.  And his best laid plan come crashing down.

The guy, Jimmy is fairly understanding and a tinsy bit flirty, especially when dean has to get his face fairly close just to see Jimmy clearly.  Once they are both standing again the guy seems to forget where he was rushing a second when he gets a good look back at Dean.

That of course prompts Dean into a nerdy talk about actual angels, which OF course he knows all the stuff the MoL have talked about it. Turns out Jimmy knows plenty too having been raised a good little catholic boy.  But their conversation is halted when Jimmy’s school mates rush in to drag him off to the Freshman Econ class study group he is late for.  Before he can manage to get Dean’s information and figure out which college Dean is in, Dean slips away, having realized the time as well and desperate to get to Grandpa Henry before Henry notices he’s missing.  In a parting shot, Jimmy suggests Dean considers glasses.

A month passes and Dean is eager to join Grandpa Henry on his next trip to Chicago, especially now that he can clearly see with his new glasses, which only Charlie knows the real reason why he suddenly became interested in something he hardly needs to get around the Bunker.

As soon as Grandpa Henry wanders away, Dean sneaks back into the library, ridiculously excited even if he knows the likelihood of bumping into Jimmy again is Nil.

This time he can see a lot more clearly, and wanders off in the direction where the people his age seem to be clustered. (Random college student meet and greet at the public library.)  Surprisingly…(or maybe not, he and Charlie DID cast a luck charm and a finding lost things spell, and borrow an amulet blessed by worshipers of Aphrodite before leaving the bunker.)  And sure enough a few minutes into watching some people have a “quiet” library poetry slam, a voice greets him, whispering flirtingly into his ear. “Hello again Dean.”  This time Dean manages to stick around a few hours, meeting some of Jimmy’s friends, and cautiously avoiding any questions about his own classes or college with healthy deflection.

Long story short over a few months, Dean manages to meet Jimmy in the library every-time he can sneak himself along on Grandpa Henry’s trips. And eventually Charlie catches Dean in the Bunker Bathroom giving himself a pep talk.  She learns that Dean had his first kiss, (that one with Charlie when they were fourteen doesn’t count!) with Jimmy and after a groping make-out session in the public library almost lead to them getting kicked out, has been planning his next visit to Chicago carefully.

Charlie realizes Dean is convincing himself  to work up the nerve to finally lose his V-card next trip to Chicago to meet Jimmy. (Cause god knows no one in the supernatural world is gonna help HENRY “super mage and Savior of the Men of Letters” Winchester’s  pride-and-joy grandson get laid.  Except Charlie.  But her help is more of the wingwoman variety and not the willing participant.)

Charlie gently convinces Dean to promise to tell Jimmy at least a little bit of the truth about himself before going to far.  Dean doesn’t realize she’s trying to be sneaky.  She is concerned that Dean or Jimmy will get themselves hurt or aren’t being honest enough with each other.  Especially since she’s seen the pattern in Dean’s stories that makes her worried about Jimmy’s self acceptance, since Dean’s been building to this for Months, but his stories always end with Jimmy going from being ridiculously flirty, before cooling off and holding the cross on his necklace and pulling back.  Charlie fully believes that with dean’s promise, she has pushed the confrontation back a few trips to Chicago, because she believes Dean will hold back from telling Jimmy all, giving Dean more time and trips for Jimmy to get used to his attraction.  Dean (clueless to Charlie’s intent) isn’t sure bringing up, “oh and I’m kinda a wizard” will help things so Charlie thinks she’s bought them time.  But Charlie underestimates the desire for a teenage Dean to get laid.  So he goes and tells Jimmy the truth about himself the very next visit.  And of course it doesn’t go…well.

Dean implies it’s no more insane than the rest of the Catholic stuff Jimmy believes in, and how Jimmy alternates between believing his faith, “You believe liking me is gonna get you sent to hell and that your priest can turn wine into a dead guys’ blood Jimmy, how is me casting a spell any different?” and resenting his faith for how it makes him compartmentalize his attraction to Dean.  This turns into a fight over Dean vs Jimmy’s problems with being comfortable being Bi, and the issue of Jimmy’s faith and his experimentation.  They argue.  Dean’s learned over the months that Jimmy has an awkward relationship with his religion.  Jimmy believes in it, but he also had some issues with himself that did not click with small town Catholics, so for college he fled his tiny hometown and his HS sweetheart because he was a little bit more BI than he felt his family was ready to accept. But he still has his faith.  So Dean’s comment starts a fight that ends with Dean storming off. 

[This gif isn’t perfect since obviously they haven’t Met…just pretend its more Dean saying he just met THIS side of Jimmy.]

What Dean doesn’t notice in his angry storming away from Jimmy, is that Grandpa Henry was watching the whole thing, having been suspicious about Dean’s behavior lately, especially with how distracted nervous he was this trip.  Dean also doesn’t see Grandpa Henry’s face turn white as a ghost at the sight of Jimmy’s face.  

Grandpa Henry cancels all future trips to the Chicago Supernatural Library, and the next time Dean joins his Grandfather its in NYC.  Which is fine Because Dean is totally over that guy, and his stupid-pretty-face.  So much so that he goes weeks without seeing it, before Charlie introduces him to Facebook and he stalks it to find Jimmy has switched to a college closer to his hometown and has apparently flung himself back into his faith whole heartedly…and his high-school girlfriend, Amelia. 

That’s the list time Dean Winchester see’s or thinks about Jimmy, (or at least admits it) until ten years later, when his father has gone missing, and newly Initiated Man of Letters Dean, breaks into the Bunker artifacts and secures a bond with the guardian angel Castiel, and is startled that he recognizes the face of the vessel the angel has chosen. 

Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong or Right)



Title: Why Does It Have To Be (Wrong Or Right)

Author: @samanddeaninpanties, ao3

Artist: @mayalaen, ao3

Fic Link: [Ao3]

Art Link: [Ao3]

Rating: Explicit

Archive Warnings: none

Tags: AU, first time, angst, angst with a happy ending, teacher Sam, server Dean, tattoo artist Jimmy, tattoo artist Cas, d/s undertones, dom Cas, sub Dean, pain kink, ink kink, piercing kink, group sex, top Cas, top Benny, top Sam, bottom Dean, bottom Jimmy.

Pairings (other than D/C/J): Cas/Jimmy, Sam/Jimmy, Dean/Cas/Benny, Dean/Sam/Cas/Jimmy, Sam/Dean

Posting date: May 17th, 2017

Summary: When Sam and Dean enter a tattoo parlor on Sam’s birthday Dean’s drawn to Castiel, the grumpy owner, and his twin brother Jimmy. Right away he learns that Cas and Jimmy are in an incestuous relationship and the adjustment period is surprisingly easy.

After Dean, Cas, and Jimmy get together Jimmy drops a bombshell – he wants to bring a couple of friends into their bed for a night. The problem? None of them know anyone they trust outside of Benny and Sam. And Jimmy really, really, really wants Sam to fuck him.


Cas and Jimmy close up shop and Dean can’t stop looking at them. The way Jimmy laughs and slides his hand up Cas’s arm is… interesting.

“Hey, Sammy,” Dean says, clapping him on the back. “Ready to hit up a bar? We could stop by your place first and -”

“Nah, I think I’m just gonna take a cab home.”

Dean frowns. “No way! It’s your birthday, dude. That’s not happening.”

“I know you wanna fuck around,” Sam says, voice low. “I’ll just get in your way.”

“It’s your birthday. I wanna hang out with you, Sammy. Yeah, the twins are hot, but I can just grab their number, no big deal.”

“Too bad,” Sam says, stepping away from him. “I really just need to leave. Okay? I need some space.”

“At least let me take you home. Do you really want people seeing you when you’ve got come in your underwear? C’mon, man. Don’t be like this.”

Sam gives him a dirty look. “Goodbye, Dean.”

Then he stalks off.


How could he have screwed the night up already? It wasn’t even midnight!

“Hey, Dean. Are you all right?” Jimmy asks as he sidles up to him. “Why’d Sam leave? Thought it was his birthday.”

Dean runs a hand over his face. “I don’t really wanna talk about it if that’s okay with you.”

Jimmy nods. “I understand. Um, I know this is weird, but would you like to hang out?”

Dean bites his lip and presses closer to Jimmy. “I know just the place.”

Twenty minutes later they pick a booth at Denny’s – Dean takes one side and the twins are on the other. Jimmy drapes an arm over Cas’s shoulders and Cas tries to shrug him off but Jimmy keeps touching him until Cas sighs, giving into his brother. Dean orders a bacon cheeseburger, Cas gets a sampler platter and Jimmy chooses the bacon lover’s blt.  

“Shit. You might like bacon more than I do,” Dean says with a laugh.

“He’d live off of it if I let him,” Cas says, shaking his head.

“That’s because bacon is amazing,” Jimmy says, tone serious.

Cas shrugs. “I prefer steak. A nice filet mignon. Maybe a prime rib. Bacon is fine. I also feel as though this conversation is useless. How about we talk about the obvious?”

“Which is?”

“You want Jimmy.”

Dean chokes on his water then licks his lips. “Yeah, maybe I do. So what?”

“What if I want you, too?”

“Uh.” Dean rubs at the back of his neck. “That could get complicated, but I’m sure we could work something out.”

“Before this goes any further there’s something you should know.”

“Oh no,” Dean teases. “That’s not very reassuring. You’re not serial killers are you?”

Cas snorts. “Hardly.”

Jimmy glances around Denny’s to make sure no one is eavesdropping and lowers his voice. “We fuck.”

“Come again?” Dean asks, because he could not have heard that right.

“My brother likes to hold me down and fuck me until I scream,” Jimmy says with a heated look.

Cas reaches out and steals some of Dean’s fries, eyes darker than Jimmy’s. “Can you handle that, Dean? Or are we wasting our time?”