Find out your birth demon!



It’s like your birthstone, only a bit more hellish!

  • January: Belial– You are fiercely independent and get a lot of pleasure from your accomplishments. You don’t much see the point in rules and also have a bit of a wicked streak.
  • February: Leviathan– You love to create things, regardless of the form it takes, and are proud of what you can make. You do have the tendency to be incredibly envious of others whose works you see as being better than yours.
  • March: Satan– You are incredibly stubborn and willing to do whatever it takes to get your way. You can also be easily enraged when people wrong you in some way.
  • April: Belphegor– You are fairly carefree and part of that shows in how you spend your money. You can also be incredibly lazy and don’t always get things done.
  • May: Lucifer– You are smart and love to learn new things, even if they’re not always the sort of things your teachers wanted you to know. You also take a lot of pride in your mental abilities and hate to be wrong or be challenged.
  • June: Berith– You are a good leader and enjoy being in a position of power. You also sometimes have a tendency to make promises you can’t keep.
  • July: Beelzebub– You love to indulge yourself and spend time on things you’re interested in. You also have a tendency to become overly obsessed with things.
  • August: Astaroth– You are good at a lot of things and you can’t always seem to make up your mind as to what you should do. You can also deceive others easily and others sometimes find it hard to trust you.
  • September: Thammuz– You often find ways to bring two opposing sides together. You can sometimes be vindictive and know how to wield words so that they really hurt.
  • October: Baal– You are seen as being wise and knowing what it is you want. However, you often feel like you’re not sure what you’re doing.
  • November: Asmodeus– You are passionate about everything and are generally good-humored. You also have a tendency to let your passion lead you into situations where you’re in over your head.
  • December: Moloch– You feel like you demand a lot from the people in your life, but you give a lot back as well. You also have a strong sense of guilt and often agonize over things you think you’ve done wrong.

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