mrskaderbeck: tonys-snark: sarmai: Dear geek girls, today I made something special for you. Let me know if you like the idea! The Avengers – 6 pieces of pleasure Captain America – silicon vibratorIron Man – twin motor vibratorThor – electrical stimulatorHawkeye – G-spot vibratorBlack Widow – discreet clitoral stimulatorHulk – 12” silicone dildo [x] I will …


I seem to really like polyships. 

Wincestiel combines my love of wincest and destiel, and throw in Gabe for Team Free Love. (and I have a soft spot for Dean/Cas/Jimmy) (ok, I like all the Dean ships, so sue me)

When I was looking through my booksmarks on AO3, there was a LOT of John/Sherlock/Lestrade

And I have been reading a lot of of Tony/Bucky/Steve.

I think… I just like my characters to be happy and loved. Very loved, apparently. 

Yes! My favorite combination is Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel. I’ve read a few fics where they just kinda all were together, no set combos or hey let’s all fuck at the same time, just whenever somebody wants to do something we’ll have some fun, and YES THIS IS WHAT I WANT MORE OF!

I really appreciate it when a writer can include more than two characters and make it so everyone is involved, nobody is left out.

most likely because it’s what I’d like IRL