Why you should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine



– Of the seven main characters, only two are white men

– Of these two men, one has dozens of hobbies which includes local food critic, sewing, yoga, and other traditionally non-masculine interests

– The other seems to be a stereotypical overconfident jerk, however most of his arcs revolve around messing up and having to acknowledge and genuinely apologize for his screwups

– One of the main characters is a middle aged gay man who isn’t a TV stereotype, who is married and lovingly committed, bringing up his husband in casual conversation throughout the show without it being the only important thing about his personality

– Every female character has a distinct personality, goals and fears and aspirations, and all have multiple episodes focusing solely on exploring their characters and development


– Terry Crews as a big buff doting father

– Humor that never relies on offensive jokes or stereotypes, that is genuinely funny with great comedic timing

– Multiple accounts of close friendships between men and women without any implications that there will be more

– The few relationships that do exist between the main cast are developed naturally over time

Thank you for reading, go forth and enjoy this fantastic show!

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