she gave him the Wobbly Lip of Doom!!!

Most babies are more pissed over being held down than the pain of getting their ears pierced, and Evan is really fast and he’s good with kids, so he gets them all smiley before, then has the parents do a quick hold, and gets the kids pierced quickly so there’s minimal crying and trauma.

But you know how some babies are like super chill and happy all the time and easy to get along with? Well the 6-month-old who came in this morning was like that. She was quiet, smiled this really big smile every time somebody looked at her, and was quietly sitting on mom’s lap in the piercing room.

Mom held her tight, and there was no crying. Evan leaned over to start, and she just smiled up at him. And when he pierced her ears, she didn’t even cry, so he was like whoa cool maybe this kid won’t have a meltdown.

He gets the earring in, pulls back, and she looks up at him with these big, wet eyes with no tears actually falling, and her lip. just. wobbles.

She broke Evan 😀  I heard him two rooms away going “awww!”

She sat very good for the second ear, but did the same thing with the lip, only this time a couple tears rolled down her cheeks and she whimpered.

Evan cleaned up, then started talking to her to make sure she was okay because she was still so quiet. He made silly faces at her and kept talking to her and finally she started smiling again and even grabbed his finger when he offered. She was babbling happily and smiling again by the time they left.

thewolvesring: HE’S SO PRECIOUS HIS FACE My cousin and her son love lemons and limes and all that sour stuff. We gave them lemons as babies and they didn’t even make faces, they just got all excited and sucked until only the rind was left. (Source: