I have a problem and Nick is a terrible influence…..

Fizzles Folly rocked gently on the placid waves of a balmy summer day. Wispy clouds scuttled through a bright sky and seagulls cried out as they circled overhead. Today was a busy day, with more guests on board than Fizzles Folly had seen in a while. It had just been that grumpy asian kid lately, there’d barely even been visits from Mr. Fizzles or the lanky guy he wore.

A heavy weight sunk his deck down and Fizzles Folly wasn’t certain how the car had gotten on board, but he liked it. She was a sleek black machine, all graceful smooth curves and the heft of an older vehicle. Her chrome accents shone in the sun, not a scratch on her perfect paint job. The texture of her rubber tires glid across the grimy metal of the deck of Fizzles Folly, the faint squeak whispering to him.

Call me Baby.

The waters were calm but Fizzles Folly heaved with excitement. She slid closer, Baby, her tires tangling with the coils of rope on his deck. Her light blinked on and off, and Fizzles Folly let a small toot of his fog horn go. She revved, engine purring in a seductive rumble and building. He could feel the vibrations of it caressing along him and shuddering below deck.

Rocking back and forth, letting her slide over his deck, Fizzles Folly played with her until she was juddering on his surface. Easing the motion, he guided her back. Baby slid with the tilt, maneuvering her bulk with knowing experience. She backed her tail pipe up against the spokes of his steering wheel, and Fizzles Folly had to concentrate to keep his wheel from spinning wildly.

Fizzles Folly bucked, metal and wood sliding together, her tires gripped tight on to his deck holding her in place. All his cargo was sliding towards the rails but he couldn’t let her go when they were so close. He’d hand over control to Baby any day. 

She knew just how to steer his ship to port.

Garth braced a hand on the wall as the boat jerked, apologizing about all the books on Kevin’s table that had suddenly slid on to the floor. Sam had banged his leg against the cabinet and Dean was tangling with the stair case.

“Oh boy, the water’s don’t usually get this choppy in dock. Wasn’t it clear out today?”

Kevin, scrambling for his books, looked up suddenly when the fog horn blared noisily. There was a car honking like crazy out there too.

Dean cocked his head up, “Baby?”

Sam was helping pick things up for Kevin, worriedly frowning over wrinkled papers.

As soon as he got his balance, Dean was the first to scramble up to deck.

“How the fuck did my car get on this ship?”

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!