kai-art: Part of my reverse!verse au: Sometimes, Cas and Gabe’s dad dropped them off at Missouri Moseley’s house when he was off to hunt the more dangerous monsters/demons. He hoped she’d teach them how to shoot guns or track monsters or speak some of the older languages. Gabriel swore he learned most of the technicalities …

gabrielthemoose: diminuel: “Don’t worry. You have me. I’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know, Gabriel.” Young Gabriel and Lucifer :3 I don’t think I did those two justice, but I tried! It’s kind of hard to recognize them *shakes fist* @mayalaen

Gabriel always likes to act tough and defiant but has anything ever made him cry?


Oh yes. He’s got a few different sort of crying, even!

To his eternal exasperation, being angry opens up the waterworks big time.

When he’s genuinely upset he’s going to retreat to a quiet corner and cry silently. Till Sam discovers him and tries to make it better, at least.

…aaaannd there’s the ‘A Great And Terrible Thing Has Befallen Me, Woe Is Me’ crying. Most often seen during tantrums, minor inconveniences and Not Getting His Way. Sam took a while to see through it, much to Dean’s exasperated amusement, heh.