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@mayalaen omg allergies suck! I find it hard to eat out too due to mine. The aftermath just isn’t worth it sometimes! *gentle hugs*

ugh, right? I mean going out is so expensive anyway, and then you gotta deal with people, and then you get sick? Not fun 🙁

Sorry you have that problem too!

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY 💜💜💜

Thank you!

Okay, I just did one of these a week or so ago, so I’m gonna come up with different things I haven’t already listed.

  • My business skills. I’m really proud of the shop.
  • My Photoshop skills. I suck at art, but I can fake it with Photoshop manipulations and make cool stuff for people and my own fic.
  • My patience. I gots it 🙂
  • I have good ideas sometimes. Not always, but sometimes, and they’re good.
  • My sense of smell. Strange, but yeah. It’s very strong, and more than a few times I’ve been able to tell something’s wrong way before anybody else just by how good my sense of smell is 😀

I hate picking favorites, so I’m tagging the last 10 people in my activity who didn’t get tagged the first time I did this: @wintersmutandfluff @castiel-knight-of-hell @dragonpressgraphics @formidablepassion @where-it-snows @winchesterwithwings @snovolovac @acidbathory @zzzett @kittyaugust

You don’t have to play if you don’t want to 🙂

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I hear your pain!! Still, getting new gadgets has to be worth it??
I love setting up a new system �� and how come you need a desktop and a laptop? I just hook my laptop up to a larger screen when I’m home.

Getting new tech is TONS of fun! It’s just expensive :-O

I don’t spend money on many things, I don’t vacation or go out, but when it comes to computers + music/sound systems that’s where my money goes.

It probably would be a good idea to use a laptop for both home and at the shop, but I haven’t found a laptop with an optical output AND a big screen AND that allows dual monitor hookup for under $5k, and there’s no way in hell I wanna carry around a $5k laptop.

But yes, new tech and setting everything up is tons of fun 😀


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Thanks for the tag!! I’m sorry to say that I don’t watch TV. *listens to the gasps of horror and disbelief* Does the Weather Channel count??

Haha! Oh well, I’ll tag you in something non-TV some other time. No biggie 🙂

I actually don’t watch a ton of TV or movies myself, so people will ask me about all these shows and movies and I’m like… nope haven’t seen that or that or… yeah lemme just give you a list of things I have seen 😀