How To Get Your Brother Out of a Spanking (Results May Vary)




I got a writing prompt a little bit ago: Ooh you should write a ficlet where daddy Cas is spanking Sammy and little dean hates hearing Sammy get spanked and tries to get Cas to stop even though Sammy deserves it! It’s okay if you can’t! Thanks! Xoxo

I’ve been workin on this bit by bit, and it’s finally done! It’s been ages since I wrote anything, so let me know how it is. This ficlet takes place in the swingsetverse. 🙂 

“Owwww! Daddyyy!” Sammy wailed from the living room. 

Dean winced. He knew he should do as Daddy said, and keep eating his lunch like a good boy. But hearing his little brother getting a spanking, his stomach was in knots. He lifted up his fork, but couldn’t seem to take another bite.

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Peter makes good stories!

Peter is a most excellent author ^_^