listen to me there needs to be an episode where sam and dean swap bodies because

  • dean not used to working sams long legs so he keeps bumping his head into things and getting in the impala is such a hassle and he gets so frustrated
  • dean making jokes that hes finally taller than sam again tho
  • sam going for runs in deans body and putting healthy food in him while dean does the exact opposite to him and imagine the arguments about that
  • sams hair getting in deans face and him getting so frustrated that he tries to cut it off but sam gives him puppy eyes even in deans body so he just ties it back instead (jared with a ponytail cmon)
  • it would be really fucking funny to see jared and jensen swap roles and try to be the others character imagine the gag reel ok
  • sam trying to act like dean and dean trying to act like sam around other people
  • it would be so great please writers make it canon

Dean goes into the bathroom in Sams body for the first time and after a few seconds you just hear him yell “Son of a bitch!” and Sam just smirks