the list of things the 10-year-old has done last week in school

Yup, in just one week.

  • refused to do his homework five days in a row (nothing new)
  • lied about doing said homework five days in a row (again, not new)
  • teased a girl until she punched him in the face
  • took food from the cafeteria (which is a no-no but wait for the reason)
  • chased kids down then shoved grapes and carrots in their ears (yup)
  • won’t stop talking in class (not new)
  • insists on hugging every teacher that walks by no matter what’s going on (which is hard for the teachers to get pissed about but it’s getting ridiculous)
  • mooned a boy that wouldn’t stop teasing him
  • shoved dirt down a kid’s shirt then screamed and cried bloody murder when that boy and his friends held him down and did the same back
  • didn’t leave his phone in his locker (which is a no-no)
  • dropped said phone out of his pocket into the toilet (it’s busted now)
  • ate another kid’s lunch then screamed and cried bloody murder when the kid at HIS lunch
  • forged his mom’s name on a permission slip for a field trip
  • wandered off on the field trip, got lost long enough the teacher freaked and called my cousin, who then found out her son had forged her signature for a field trip she said he couldn’t take because he was grounded for half of the things above (she didn’t know about the other half yet)
  • whined at us over the phone telling us his parents are evil and mean because they wouldn’t let him come up here to see us this weekend (neglecting to mention any of the above or the fact that he was grounded) and getting my uncle pissed at his daughter for not letting him see his grandson

Needless to say, he’s in detention all this week, and his parents have him doing chores at home and also cleaning up other yards to help pay for the phone.

My uncle bought tickets a few months back to take the 10-year-old to an Imagine Dragons concert. It’s tomorrow night, and he’ll be missing it. It’s his favorite band. Maybe this will help him to realize he’s gotta behave in school.