quick public opinion time :D

because apparently i’m the weirdo in my family for saying fuck no to this

So let’s say, for shits and giggles, that you grew up with a girl who went on to fall in love with and marry the nephew of the biggest druglord in Florida, who smuggles massive amounts of drugs from three other continents and quite possibly is a member of the Yakuza. The same nephew who is being groomed to inherit said druglordness (yes that’s a word because I say so) in the next few years and is already acting druglord for appearance’s sake.

Now let’s also say that said acting druglord is an abusive asshole (big surprise), and even though everyone tried to warn her, it’s taken 7 years for this woman to realize she wants out.

Let’s also say that her parents, who are the type of people who always get other people in trouble and somehow make it out unscathed, have told her that they won’t help her by giving her money, offering her a place to stay, or even helping her move because they’ve FINALLY been caught in something they couldn’t wiggle out of and are possibly going to prison soon. Seriously, I’m surprised it took this long. They’ve ruined so many marriages, businesses, and people’s lives it’s not even funny. And they lived in my uncle’s house for a couple years, which was INSANE.

NOOOOOW let’s say my family has a soft spot for this woman’s family for some unfathomable reason and my uncle wants to offer her a place to stay while she gets on her feet.

Acting Druglord Abusive Asshole doesn’t want her to leave, has told her if she leaves he’ll kill her AND anyone who helped her, and this man knows where all of us live because he’s met us all (we didn’t realize when we met him what he was because she lied to us and said he was an investment banker and that’s why they had so much money).

Okay, so y’all still with me?

Oh let’s add one more angle just for fun.

She stole $5 million from him and has it
hidden so well he can’t find it. Bad news is he’s pissed. Good news is she can use it to get away from him.

So here’s where the public opinion time comes in. Given all this information, would you offer to take her in while she gets on her feet?

Because I guess I’m a jerk for vehemently saying no. Especially when the house she’d be living in also has my bipolar (and currently psychotic) aunt, my uncle with a traumatic brain injury, an 11-year-old, and occasionally a 2-year-old living there.

also can someone please tell me why my family is so fucked up?!?!!! i mean most of you reading this have probably never even been in the same room as a drug dealer let alone a Yakuza druglord ready to kill you if you try to help his wife