buffenator: daddys-blank-canvas: As a psych major I can say this is fucking 100% accurate omg Alternatively, when your therapist starts talking about a new (to you) technique called CBT. Takes a minute for the sputtering to stop.



A glimpse into the writer’s process; my inner monologue while writing a scene tonight:

“They need lube, but there’s no lube nearby… except… nah… well, yeah I suppose that could be used as lube… it’s not very hygienic… not hygienic at all actually… kinda gross, but it could work… but ew, gross… am I really gonna write this? … yep, I’m gonna write this…”

*writes the scene*

“…why is this turning me on…”


Client: What time
should I come over?

Me: Why would you
come over?

Client: To watch
you build my site.

Me: Sorry, I
don’t work that way. 

Client: Come on!  I new to this internet thingy so I think it
would be best if
I came over and sat by your side
while we work on this together.

Me: I won’t work
that way. It will take too long.

Client: Listen,
I’m paying you to make a website for me!

Me: Yes. However,
you are not paying me to tutor you on how to make a website.

Client: That’s unacceptable.
When can I come over?

Me: How about I
refund your money and we call it a day?