I want to grow a bee garden but I am scared of bees


The bees around here, it seems like they KNOW when someone has specifically made something for them. My mom has a bunch of pots full of flowers she knew would attract them and a drinking fountain for them (it’s actually pretty huge), and they NEVER bother her or the rest of us.

We have a pool, and we have an area where bees can save themselves if they fall in. If we save them with the net, they don’t get mad at us either.

One day my mom was fixing the pump on the fountain because it stopped, and she accidentally knocked over one of the large pieces of slate they sit on to drink. It didn’t squish any of them because of how it landed against a brick wall, but she was a little worried they would attack (there was well over 100 of them on that piece of slate at the time), but they just waited calmly on the slate as she fixed it.

They can sense anger and fear. Fixing up a garden and watering spot for them isn’t an angry or fearful thing you’d be doing, so they’ll probably bee nice to you 🙂

It’s also really cute when it’s time to water the flowers. They know when she’s going to do it, so she’ll get hundreds of them coming at those times to sip the water off the flowers.

Bees will also kill bad bugs and spiders around the area.