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I love this! XD I totally forgot this was a thing XD I remember weirding out my ex once because I wouldn’t stop staring at his balls one time when we were just chilling nekkid after sex XD I was so intrigued XD

One of my favorite things to do is (gently) poke at their balls and just go “you’re so WEIRD.” Or when one moves just go “HELLEEEEEEW!!

Some guys are a little more sensitive to that sort of thing (no I’m not questioning your fragile manhood), but most of them have laughed 😀

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That’s one heck of a dream for a 4 year old. What the hell are John and Mary letting him watch? XD

Awww, c’mon! I can’t be the only kid who had really whacked, detailed, fantastical dreams!! I mean… I know the schizophrenia makes dreams more vivid and warped, but you didn’t have any wild dreams as a kid?

A lot of people forget their dreams and also big chunks of their childhood. Maybe you had adventures and really wild stuff like Supernatural’s story, but you just don’t remember 😉

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When I saw the reblog I got super excited (I literally squeeed out loud and scared the fuck outta my clients) because I thought it meant you added to it this is hands down one of my fave fics XD ��

Oops! Sorry to get your hopes up! I’ve been reblogging some of my older fics, so it’ll probably pop up on your dash a few more times along with my other fics 🙂

And thank you!! It’s such an odd fic, but it’s fun too 😀