As I was re-re-re-re-re-reading @bellarisatk​‘s totally awesome Bunker Hall Series, I suddenly had a craving for Dean/Jensen with his “sassifier” in his mouth. I wouldn’t call the series ageplay-based. The pacifier along with mild ageplay scenes are wonderfully woven into the scenes in a way that’s almost… casual? And so amazingly sweet. If I hadn’t …

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My brain works differently; Rowena has bratting and impertinence down to an art and I’ve wanted Dean to turn her over his knee for years, YEARS I tell you! This last ep was no exception 😉

OOH YES!! She would be furious! Maybe Cas could help keep her powers in check while Dean spanked her. I can just see the rage in her eyes and all the cussing she would be spitting out? YES!!

Thank you!

Cover Art for Summer Hall


Title: Summer Hall

Author: BellaRisa aka @bellarisatk
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel + Sam/Gabriel + Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel
Word Count: 15k & counting (79k for entire ‘verse)
Rating: Adult/Mature
College AU, age difference, domestic discipline/spanking, tickling,
fluff, age play, bondage, not-brothers Sam & Dean, dub-con

Unable to help musing that we were right to pick the house with
the highest backyard privacy fence, I pull him down into my lap to just
rock us for a moment or three. He comes willingly, subdued by a likely
sense of remorse and an obviously sore bottom. He snuggles into me; my
comfort in the warmth of his person matched by his comfort in the
beating of my heart.The summer day seems that much brighter. Sweeter.When
dealing with naughty little ones, I highly recommend a wide and
well-made porch swing. The sturdier the better. Brats in need come in
all shapes and sizes.

Notes: A while back I made a cover for Bella’s amazing fic, Bunker Hall. After I posted my Birthday Requests offer, Bella asked for a follow-up cover for her new addition to the Bunker Hall ‘Verse, Summer Hall, which is a work in progress and totally awesome so far!

I made two covers total for this fic because I wasn’t sure which one I liked. You can find the second cover under the cut.

I also included the HTML so it’ll show up nicely wherever Bella decides to put it without stretching or the other strange things that happen on websites 😉

Code for Black Background: <center><img src=“” width=“560″ height=“660″></center>

Code for Transparent Background: <center><img src=“” width=“560″ height=“660″></center>

Those are linked to my personal website, so if you’d rather use Tumblr’s uploads, change out the “…” link with the URL from this post’s pics. Right Click + View Image will show you the URL 🙂


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You’re 7 inches taller than me 😉


My dad is the same height as Jared Padalecki at 6′ 4″. When I was a kid, the docs thought I was going to be 6′ because of how tall I was at age 2. I grew really fast, then stopped at 12 years old, so I was the tallest kid in every class until then.

My mom is considered the short one in the family, but she’s 5′ 4″, which isn’t really short. That’s the average height of a woman.

Even 7 inches shorter than me, I bet you could probably still take me down and tickle me 😉