i’m starting a new thread

Because there was way too much in reblogs to gather it up well and also it needs a clean thread so I can clarify some things here.

The Thread/Post in Question

Okay, so @samanddeaninpanties @helvonasche @formidablepassion, you guys probably know me well enough to realize that thread turned me the fuck on. And I’ve gotta drag @whataboutthefish into this for reasons. Sexy reasons.

Sooooo let’s gather some facts.

  • we all have a blast flirting with each other
  • we’re all hella kinky
  • apparently people other than me out of this group like to be called Daddy and have people beg for their cock
  • we’re all totally fine with exchanging pics without worrying that somebody is going to think it’s a big declaration of WILLYOUMARRYME with hearteyes all big and round (well damn now I gotta also include @ryugarika-blog and @bendoverandbiteyourgag in this)
  • we suck at normoromo relationships
  • we’re poly and/or just aromantic enough to be casual
  • anything we do is going to be sporadic but no worries because in the meantime none of us thinks the other no longer likes us just because there’s been significant time between communication

Something else I just wanna throw out there: It’s a little difficult to massflirt because IM only does one-on-one and reblogging can clog up dashes (although I know several dozen people on here who don’t mind and in fact get a kick out of it when I start in with the NSFW stuff – I SEE YOU LURKING!) so is this something we should do on a password protected blog we all have access to? And we can share pics and flirt like crazy and get off on each other’s shit that way it’s also not overrun by pr0n blogs and sleazy guys who start sending us tiny pathetic little dick pics? like seriously i’m tired of the poor effort and the dirty room in the background like make it pretty so i don’t get distracted by the filth guys

And no, I’m not saying this because I don’t want this awesomeness on my dash. I’m just wondering how best to flirt with multiple people at once without getting unwanted attention. Lecherous fans that lurk in the shadows are okay, but I’m quick with the double standard when a hetcisdude gets pushy. I can get mean real quick.

Lastly, I know a ton of shit that turns on Fish and Tori, some things that turn on Foop and Christy, but I’m at a loss as to what Ryu and Hel are into other than I *think* Hel might have a tentacle fetish 😉

So I just felt the need to put this all on the table and have it in one convenient spot instead of in a long thread. Because everything above is important, IMNSHO.

Thoughts? Anyone?

At the very least we should have a tag so anyone who wants to follow this shit can do so easily. If we’re not gonna do this privately, ya know?

bendoverandbiteyourgag: @mayalaen, I finally got the last of the tattoos I wanted on my forearms and I love how they healed with those Saniderm patches that you recommended, no opportunities for scab picking. 😀 GET OUT!! They’re awesome!!! Fat little bee body and I love how it looks like the spider is coming down. Pretty …