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Bingo Fic: Supply and Demand
Created for @spnpolybingo
Title: Supply and Demand
Pairings: Benny/Cain/John
Word Count: 1145
Square: Benny/Cain/John
Content Warning (if any): Blood
Rating: M – blood drinking
AO3 link
Tags: blood drinking, desperation,
regular feedings, slight Dom Cain

John slipped his key in the lock,
knowing his mates kept the door locked at all times even if they were
home. He was barely inside when Benny was approaching him with arms
out, looking a bit wild.

“You’re late,” Benny admonished
gently with an undercurrent of urgency. The scent of John had wafted
over to him before the door was even opened. As embarrassed as he was
to be seen as desperate, he couldn’t help it. Not this time.

“I know. The hunt took a bit longer
than expected,” John offered as an explanation, accepting the tight
hug from Benny. Just as he felt Benny’s mouth kissing its way down
his jaw, Cain approached and slipped a hand between them, palm on
Benny’s barrel chest.

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