NSFW anon here: ok so I saw a photoset of Meg and Benny and this got me thinking let’s hear about how you’d have some fun with them?? They’re personally my faves ;)

Hi again, NSFW anon 😀

Okay, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE bloodplay. Sooo…

Cut for Length

Yes, I’ve had plenty of fantasies about what to do with Benny and what to do with Meg, but usually I’m pairing Benny with Ruby because we all know she’s fine with bloodplay, and I hadn’t thought of Meg/Benny for this.

*giggles gleefully*

Oh, and where is this photoset?! GIMME! *grabby hands*

First of all, both of them are very strong, so I’m imagining a fuck-ton of manhandling. Lots of growling. Hair pulling. Hissing (from Benny). Biting from both of them. And if Benny licks his own teeth while Meg lets her eyes turn black, I might not be able to stop myself from coming right then and there.

Part of what I like about bloodplay is biting in intimate places, and one of my favorite places is the inner thigh, getting close to the femoral artery. There’s an added sense of danger there too.

Benny shredding our clothes would be another thing that would have to be included in this, so once he’s ripped through all our clothes and we’re all panting because we’ve been wrestling our shredded clothing off and grabbing and pulling and nipping at each other, I imagine Benny just grabbing me by the back of the neck, shoving me down onto the floor face down and just fucking into me while Meg jumps on his back and starts biting at his neck.

It only makes him more excited, and while they’re fighting for dominance behind me, I turn and bite Benny’s wrist while he’s holding my wrist down to the floor. It distracts him enough that Meg and I can turn and shove him down to the floor. We both start biting and licking and scratching and if his balls get nipped in the process and he scream/growls with pain/anger, that’s totally awesome.

Benny hooks his fingers inside Meg while I bite her breast and shove my spit-slick fingers up her ass. I magically and very suddenly have a strap-on appear (yes, I’ve got magic strap-on summoning powers here), and when Meg falls forward onto Benny, we both shove her into position, straddling Benny while he fucks up into her and I fuck her ass.

I wrap my arms around her from behind and squeeze her breasts, pinch her nipples, and push her forward so Benny can make her scream by biting them too.

After much more biting, scratching, manhandling, and plenty of orgasms for all, I imagine us flopping onto a nearby bed and falling asleep in a tangle of limbs, dried blood and come streaking our bodies.