created for @spnpolybingo

Ship: Sam/Dean/Benny
Rating: Teen
Wordcount: 532
Square: BennyDeanSam
Content Warning:

mentions of unwanted touching.


Too many people touch Sam without his
permission. It’s gone so far as to become something like normal for
him—not acceptable, just something he has to deal with on a regular
basis. He knows he’s good looking (something Dean never lets him
forget) but he doesn’t see how that gives other people permission to
paw at him like he’s some kind of object. So he makes excuses to
leave, or tries to remove their hands without hurting them.
Sometimes, he wishes he could just glue Dean to his side because his
brother’s become a bit more open about his affections in the last
year, a bit more protective, and it makes people think twice about
reaching out.

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can i have this dean and benny in my life?!?!!

This was beautiful, Dale <3