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hour, honest, honor, heir
#english is a weird language yall

#and americans do weird shit with it

#but so does everybody else who speaks it

The ones that trip me up the most are words that they flat out say you can pronounce more than one way and it’s acceptable.

Sword comes to mind for that one.

I find it strange that they can’t just decide this is the way you say it or this is letter combo always makes this sound.

I suppose that’s what we get for bastardizing and stealing from so many other languages 😀

Oh, and the “herbs, because there’s a fucking H in front of it” was from watching Eddie Izzard more times than I can count 🙂



I was always think it’s sweet how people post these charming stories of friendship and self-discovery and exploring the wonderful weirdness of America on roadtrips. Because I have no doubt that people have those roadtrips and experience those things.

But I would kill everyone. Just everyone. Don’t ever try and take me on a roadtrip y’all.