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Title: Alone With You

Author: samanddeaninpanties

Artist: @oddsocksandstuff

Written for the @sastielbb

Rating: Explicit

Ships (besides Sastiel): implied/minor Wincest, minor Destiel

Summary: Cas has been a single parent since Jack was a baby. He can’t remember the last time he was touched by someone outside of family or work. Frankly, a part of him doesn’t want to be touched. It means developing a connection and it’s not something Cas thinks he can risk, not with a human. Not until he meets an escort named Sam.

Will Cas and Sam have a chance to connect beyond a professional relationship? Or will it all crash and burn from past trauma and Dean’s determination to protect Sam at all costs?

Ultimate guide to bang etiquette



This post
is based on my experiences participating in over a dozen bangs in the
Supernatural fandom as either a writer or an artist, on my experience as a bang
moderator, and on bang experiences shared with me by acquaintances.

Despite the
title, this guide isn’t definitive, but it should give you an idea as either a
writer or an artist on how not to be a bad bang (or fest) participant, and whether
bangs are for you.


For those
of you who don’t know:

are fan creation events where writers and artists work together.

For most
bangs, a writer (or a pair of writers) will write a fanfic, create a
summary of that fanfic, and then the fanfic is claimed by an artist who has
read this summary, who will then create art related to that fanfic after having
read a copy of the fanfic.

reverse bangs, the process is different, with the artist creating a piece of
art first, which is then claimed by a writer who writes a story based on the
artist’s art.

And some
bangs are in fact collaborative from almost the start, with author and artist
paired early, and working together in tandem to create a story and art.

How long
stories should be and how many pieces of art should be created are set down in
a bang’s rules.

What kind
of content is permitted will also be described in the bang’s rules, as well as
required ages for participants.

The finished
fanfic and art are posted on websites like AO3, Tumblr, LiveJournal or
Dreamwidth (where’s okay to post and how, is normally described in bang rules,
as well as follow up emails/blog posts).

All of
this is normally co-ordinated by a bang’s moderators. These volunteers will
keep things running in terms of maintaining the schedule, enabling claims and
arranging posting dates, potentially enabling promotions of fanfic before posting, as well as distributing (not submitting) what is a
masterpost that links to both the finished story and art. They will also weigh
in on any disputes that may arise, or help find another artist (or writer in
reverse bangs) when one side drops out.

So far,
so good – right?

Okay, now
buckle up. We got a lot more to get through and I ain’t sugar coating this.

follows looks at regular bangs and reverse bangs, and discusses etiquette for writers and artists.

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What to expect:

10k Canon or Canon Divergent fics featuring the King of Hell

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4 guaranteed reblogs of your master-post (both fic and art)

Promotion of your fic!

You can find the detailed rules here

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Title: Tear Me Up (Break Me Down) 

Author: samanddeaninpanties

Artists: albinococonut and emmatheslayer 

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 5,090

Pairing: Denny, implied Sam/Benny 

Warnings: Kidnapping, psychological torture, torture, rape, Stockholm Syndrome, blood drinking, blood slave!Dean, forced nudity, head shaving, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, near starvation, touch starvation, isolation, character turned into a vampire, blood as lube. 


When Dean returns from Purgatory the first thing he does is resurrect Benny. He thinks he’s bringing back a friend, but what he really does is open the door to kidnapping and becoming a blood slave. Dean is completely isolated from the outside world and little by little he breaks as his many prayers go unanswered.

Written for the SPN Horror Bang on LJ.

Thank you so much to @indigoneutrino – you kept me going when I was close to giving up and I can never repay you enough for that. @wearingdeantoprom for being my cheerleader and @mayalaen and @dreamsfromthebunker for being kick ass beta readers. Seriously. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you’ll ever know. 

Tagging: @hideyourdemoneyes, @deadmockingbirds1, @wanderingcas, @mellowwincest, @lovingsmutandfluff, @bendoverandbiteyourgag

I’m so excited this has been posted! This is so dark and so perfect! If you haven’t read it yet, please do so! Read the warnings and have fun!!



I’m struggling with a summary for SPN Horror Minibang and that reminded me I wanted to share my thoughts on fic summaries for claims.

In any challenge with blind claims, your summary is the only piece of information an artist has about you – the writer – and your fic. 

Depending on the size of the challenge, you might be competing against 100+ other writers for an artist’s attention. Artists don’t know your name, or your style, or what you usually write. They don’t know if you’ve written fifty stories or if this is your first. They literally have a handful of sentences to go on, and that’s it. 

The goal isn’t to convince someone to read your story; you need to convince someone to make art for it. Write your summary with visual elements in mind. Don’t be coy. Give an honest overview of your fic. This isn’t a time to worry about spoilers, but only provide what’s necessary. (If you can’t figure out how to include critical visual elements in the summary itself, add a second paragraph and list a few. Eg. Visual elements that might interest an artist include a Doo-wop beachfront motel and a dragon.)

Spelling and grammatical mistakes are red flags. If your summary has mistakes, what does that say about your draft? (Your draft might be flawless! but an artist doesn’t know that.)

And warn sufficiently. Don’t shock an artist with surprise MCD or a side pairing. Again, this is not the time to worry about spoilers. Be up front with artists about sensitive content they will encounter in your fic so they can make an informed decision about whether they can comfortably work with you. 

Every artist has a different priority list when they’re looking at a summary, but I usually have a process when I’m selecting from a challenge with 20 or more summaries:

  • Does the summary (or tags if the challenge has a tags field for the summary) tell me what genre or era the fic is set in? I look for fic that hit the spot of what I’d be interested in drawing (e.g. noirs, or sci-fi, or 50s-era spy fic).
  • If a fic is heavily based on an episode/idea from canon, include the reference point/inspiration. If your fic is heavily based around an episode that I loved or didn’t care for, that’s important information for your artist. It may also help your artist understand your visual language. Did you choose a really stylish episode? That might be a selling point to an artist.
  • Does the summary evoke a particular kind of mood? Funny, sad, melancholy, inspirational, angsty etc. I like to draw for fic that’s on the sad/horror/this fic will suck your soul out of your eyeballs and replace it with tears, so I look for summaries that capture that tone.
  • Does the summary actually include visual elements in it? This is catnip for me. If your summary says stuff about long vistas, or landscapes, or other kind of beautiful imagery, I’m down for that. If your bang doesn’t ask authors to include these, consider talking to your mod about adding them. Visual elements are the single best way for artists to connect to your fic without actually reading your draft.
  • List all of your pairings/warnings. It’s rare that I would choose not to claim a fic because it had a pairing that I wasn’t interested in (as I draw mostly gen art anyway), but other artists may feel differently.
  • It’s never okay to surprise your artist with things like untagged non-con or untagged MCD. Your artist is going to be spending a lot of time with your story, and creating alongside you. Be respectful, and err on the side of over-tagging for claims.

In the past, I’ve participated in a lot of bangs where authors listed their visual elements, and I selected based on that. Or they listed their AU inspiration, and I selected because the AU itself had inspiring visuals that I could connect with.