The other day I caught a hummingbird with my bare hands. Today it was a Japanese quail. It’s been a mini dinosaur wrangling kind of week.

QUAIL ARE SO CUTE!! The noises, especially the really loud ones, are so great!

My dog (a chihuahua) is one of those dogs that couldn’t care less what’s going on around her. She’s… special. Doesn’t chase things. Doesn’t bark. She doesn’t really act like a dog.

One time I took her out back and she stumbled upon a group of like 10 baby quail with the mother and I didn’t realize it until she was already like three feet away from the group and I hear this loud squawk like a scream and turn around in time to see the mother quail charging my dog with her wings out and my dog was like backing up, having JUST noticed that there were creatures in the back yard besides her, and she was just like “WHAT?!! wtf is happening?! I was just walking here!” and she kinda just looked at me and walked the other way, couldn’t have cared less about it other than like “what’s wrong with THAT birb?!” but ALL TEN BABIES were screaming and running and falling all over each other thinking they were gonna get eaten, and because I knew my dog would NEVER eat them I was able to just enjoy the comedic value of all the babies flopping all over and the mother kinda watching my dog walk away like “oh okay so uhm… yeah, we’ll just be leaving.”