Lil’ Nugget – LizardWhisperer – Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

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@majesticduxk & @deadmockingbirds1, you’ve gotta help me stop coming up with new ideas! I’ve got a bunch of fics I’m working on (including 2 big bangs) and yet I can’t get this domestic discipline fic out of my head where Sam, Dean, and Cas all get spanked by somebody else who wants to watch over them and doesn’t like how often they all get hurt/risk their lives.


And yes, I realize the both of you are only going to feed the spanking plot bunnies, but I just wanted to whine at you 😀

Uh… I am totally the wrong person. I would read the hell out of that. What were you thinking? An archangel? Someone stronger than them all?


He can call em all “Idgits” before, “well, boo-hoo” em all during–and say “balls” before he breaks down and hugs his boys after.

It’s fool-proof.

YES! Bobby’s going to be included no matter which way I go with this. He’s too fun to leave behind. He was already a part of the Under His Wing fic 😀

And he loves them SO MUCH!!