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Cas’ eyes go wide, his jaw dropping.  He’s never felt anything like it before, and like he has every time he’s felt something new to him as a human, he’s thrilled and scared in equal measures.

Dean chuckles, then turns to Sam.  "Hey, Sammy, I just found something.“

Cas shakes his head, taking a step back and holding his hands out, because Dean’s looking at him with this predatory gleam in his eyes.

"Yeah?” Sam asks as he comes around behind the couch and joins Dean.  "What’s that?“

"Watch this,” Dean says, then reaches out and pokes Cas in the belly.

“Ha!” Cas blurts, then covers his mouth.

Sam’s grin is huge, and when the both of them advance on him, Cas takes off, running for his room.  He can hear them laughing and chasing after him, and Cas doesn’t really know why he’s running other than some instinct told him to.

By the time he gets to the stairs, he’s laughing and running out of breath.  Sam grabs his arm and pulls him back, and just as Cas is yanking away, Dean grabs the other arm and the three of them fall to the floor.

There are fingers everywhere, and Cas almost can’t breathe he’s laughing so hard.  He flails, trying to twist away, but they’re finding more and more spots that Cas didn’t even know could make him squeal with laughter.

Just when Cas thinks he’s going to lose his bladder right there on the floor, they stop.  He’s breathless, panting and flopping around as he tries to get up.

Dean and Sam help him sit up, then all three of them rest against the wall, Cas between them.

Cas smiles.  "Now I know why Dean didn’t want me to tell you about that ticklish spot under his left butt cheek.“

"Dude!” Dean yelps just as Sam lets out a cry of sheer joy and scrambles over Cas to wrestle Dean down.

Cas helps him and soon the three of them are laughing so hard Cas starts coughing.  They end up in a pile of limbs, trying to catch their breath.


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