that’s just homophobic

One of my cousins (who does meth and several other drugs) brought a couple of his friends into my shop to buy tattoo supplies.

They all had blood donor debit cards with them and were using the money to buy tattoo supplies. The money they had just gotten 20 minutes earlier for donating blood.

The nurse taking their blood SAW THE TATTOOS, which are obviously home-made and infected – oozing pus. She told them not to tattoo on their lower arms and keep their other ones covered up so they could continue to give blood and get money for it.

She KNEW they were sharing needles because my stupid cousin told her.

She KNEW they were drug-users because my stupid cousin told her.

What she didn’t know is my cousin is also poly and the two “friends” were his boyfriend and girlfriend. They kept that to themselves because the nurse very clearly stressed to them that “the gays can’t give blood.”

My cousin frequently goes to several donation centers to make money and he said it’s pretty much the same at every center here where I live and where he’s from on the east coast.

He’s not saying ALL blood donation centers are like this, and I’m not saying ALL employees in the centers are like this, but every one he’s been to are.

So my drug-using, needle-sharing, pus-oozing, home-tattoo having cousin can give blood, but my mom’s cousin, who has been in a monogamous 24-year-long relationship with their SO, has never touched drugs, has no tattoos, and is healthy as a horse, can’t.