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Papercuts SUCK! Worst thing about them is that they don’t bleed right away so you don’t notice until later. I don’t use Band-Aids much either, for reasons, but I also don’t work in a tattoo shop where cleanliness is an absolute MUST for business.

I checked it when it first happened, even squished my finger to make sure it wasn’t bleeding with pressure, but nothin’. So I started working again thinking it was nothing. Should’ve known better with a papercut. Those things are so different than other injuries. And they ITCH for SO LONG.

*whine whine* 😀

in today’s episode of whining about things that aren’t that bad

I got a papercut about two hours ago, and the stupid thing wouldn’t stop bleeding, but of course I didn’t realize it until I’d bled on several consent forms as I was inputting the data into the computer.

Thankfully I wasn’t helping any customers at the time or dealing with any of the supplies. Not that I have any diseases, but given the environment I’m in, bleeding isn’t a good thing for me or other people. Ugh.

Cleaned myself up and actually used a Band-Aid for a papercut. A PAPERCUT! I don’t even use Band-Aids when I get much deeper cuts and gouges. I don’t bleed a whole lot, they don’t bother me, and it stops much quicker exposed to air than beneath a bandage anyway, but yeah this time it didn’t wanna stop and I couldn’t bleed all over everything 🙂

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