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Title: Falling for Her Doorstep
Author: @bloodandcream
Pairings: Castiel/The Blue Doorstep
Word Count:
Tags: Side Cas/Meg,  but Cas/Doorstep OTP
Link: AO3

Drawn magnetically to them, Castiel crossed the street, shy in his
approach, not quite lurking but certainly attempting to shield himself
behind a shrub as he stared. It was impolite, after all, to stare at
another person’s doorstep. 

SPNColdestHits Disclaimer: Seriously think about your life choices before clicking on the keep
reading cut. You probably don’t want to read this, don’t want to click
the link to the fic on AO3, and you should probably just move on for
your mental well-being.

As a side note, ever since you did the vlogging of our fics last year, I read your fics with your voice in my head. It sounds so much better than any of the other voices 😉

Managing to trip on a lone acorn, Castiel fell and scraped his knees. 

You have no idea how much I love the odd little details you put into fic that really brings it to life.

It was impolite, after all, to stare at another person’s doorstep. 

But of COURSE it’s impolite!! *makes old stuffy Victorian lady clucking noises of disdain*

As Castiel heard the neighborhood slowly waking up, he turned back to the park and continued his morning jog in a daze. 

Aroused Cas hiding in the bushes all hot for the doorsteps is like one of the cutest visuals ever.

Nodding dumbly, Castiel jogged up the walkway to her front door. As he
approached, he could read the bold black font on the doormat, sitting
just in front of the blue step. It read ‘Fuck Off’. Yet the woman that
owned it invited a complete stranger in for coffee. She didn’t even know
his name. Or that it was her doorstep which Castiel coveted, not the
plush curve of her lips or the creamy swell of her breasts spilling out
of her loose-tied robe. 

I’m pretty antisocial and would have a doormat like this if it wasn’t for the fact that HOA doesn’t allow it here, but I’d still let that man in because damn.

Castiel’s breath caught as he stepped upon them for the first time. He
longed to remove his shoes, to feel their texture beneath his bare feet.
Instead, he followed the strange woman into her house.

Why is this so hot?! Christy, you evil writer, you!!

It was satisfactory. 


“So, do you have, like,” Meg shook a hand in a vague gesture, sipping
coffee from a chipped gray mug, “I don’t know, some sort of fetish for

Meg was more observant than Castiel had given her credit for.

“I – what! No,” he scowled over his mug at her, “That’s. What?”

Okay, this is adorable. I can totally see Meg catching on and calling him on it. And him being all adorably flustered over it. SO CUTE!

Arching one thin eyebrow, Meg munched on the crust of her toast.
“Kinky. As long as I get to watch, you can do anything you want with my

“I -” Castiel found his heart beating faster, this was
too soon. He couldn’t just take off his shoes and set his feet upon the
doorstep right now. “Tomorrow. I have to be going for work.”


Honestly, it felt liberating to have his love for this doorstep
witnessed. Castiel smiled and told her, “No, this is perfect. I want you
to see.” 

I have feels and it’s also fucking hot. Damn it! @trekchik has me wanting to grow a penis and fuck a door, and now you go and get me all hot and bothered over concrete doorsteps.


And YAY I’m so glad it got you writing again!! *squishes you*

Maya’s Rating: Hotness and sweetness! 10/10. Would schlick to this. *gives you a big old economy pack of new batteries for your egg*


Title: Two for me, please

Pairing: CastielxHannahxSam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 3,171

Notes: for the SPN Kink Bingo square ‘Incest’, AU, Underage, Sibling Incest, bottom Cas, virgin Sam, top Hannah

Sam has been to their house a lot during the school year. Enough that he’s actually comfortable rummaging around in the fridge whenever he wants to get a soda. He’s spent the night a few times. Cas is one of the best friends that he’s ever had, and Sam is just glad that his dad’s job is going well enough that they’re staying for the whole school year and maybe another. Sam’ll be a senior soon and how great would it be to finish high school somewhere familiar, with his small group of friends. With Cas.

Maybe he’s thought about kissing Cas before. Maybe he’s thought about doing more than that. He’s thought about a lot of different kinds of things that he could do with his best friend, most of them based on the cheap porn he sneaks from under his brother’s mattress.

Honestly, more than anything Sam has just been nervous about straining the friendship that they have. A kiss wouldn’t be worth making anything awkward between him and Cas.

For all his daydreams and all his fantasies about the awkward, weird guy that he shares three AP classes with and has started going to chess club just to see him more, Sam had never in a million years dreamed that he’d be sitting on the blue futon in the Novak’s basement while Cas kisses someone else in front of him.

His sister.

Cas is kissing his sister right next to Sam in the Novak’s basement.

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*dies of hot*
You have nO IDEA how many buttons you just pushed, woman!


Title: Princess

Pairing: base relationship Destiel, smut DeanxCasxCainxBennyxVictor, voyeur Sam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 2,037

Notes: AU, pwp, feminization, bottom Dean, gang bang, come play

“You look like a princess.”

Dean swiveled on the stool when Cas nudged his shoulders, turning him towards the mirror so he could see for himself.

He hardly recognized himself with that much makeup on. Thick black lining his eyes, jesus, how did Cas even make his lashes look that long. Cheeks a flushed pink even though his heart rate was normal and he wasn’t – not yet – aroused. Lips painted a bright bubblegum pink and so fucking shiny. So fuckable.

Sandy brown hair was still short and spiked, but nestled on top was a tiny delicate tiara.

Dean groaned, “I can’t believe you got a fucking tiara, you asshole.”

In the mirror, Dean watched Cas behind his shoulder. There was an affectionate smile on his lips as he lay his hands on Dean’s bare shoulders and bent to kiss the top of his head.

“Anything for my princess.”

Dean reached back to swat his hip. “Fuck you.”

It was supposed to be embarrassing. Well, it was a bit. But the tight little knot in his gut that wanted him to recoil from the mirror and wipe all the work Cas’d just done off, it kind of turned him on too. Even if Dean was ashamed about what he liked – how much he liked it – Cas was completely and uninhibitedly without shame.

“Come on, party’s already started,” Cas stepped back and held out a hand.

Dean rolled his eyes. Shifted around on his stool. Took Cas’ hand because he was a little wobbly in high heels. He took a second – a minute, while Cas waited patiently – to admire himself in the mirror. The high stiletto’s made his muscles tense in stark definition beneath the flimsy thigh highs. Cas had bought him the frilliest, outrageously neon pink panties for this occasion. Snug and satin across the front, there were thin rows of frilly pastel pink lace across the ass, bows stacked up the side. They were made for men, cupped him in the front, somehow made his junk look even bigger.

It was fucking weird how… masculine he could look in girly things.

Dean had spent the day being pampered by Cas. Bathed, shaved, given an enema, dolled up.

Treated like a princess.

He felt strange and vulnerable and hot inside. All day, he’d swung between stubborn rebellion against the soft treatment, and a simple kind of giddiness when he’d let himself accept it.

Twisting around for another good look – his ass was amazing – Dean put on a cocky smirk. “So, did you invite Sam?”

Honestly, he wasn’t really sure if him or Cas got off on that more.

Or Sam.

“Yes. He’ll be watching.”

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What the hell, man!?! You and @samanddeaninpanties are gonna just kill me today!

This was awesome. Dirty and fucking hot. I’ll most likely be using this fic as well as Tori’s fic later tonight for reasons 😀


Title: Gently Used

Artist: @burningwicker

Pairing: CainxCastiel, MegxRuby, CainxCastielxDean, MegxRubyxSam

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 31,017

Warnings: Recreational drug use, Threats of violence

Summary: Castiel was content with the life he and Cain had carved for themselves in West Jefferson, North Carolina, cradled in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. They had a sprawling antique shop, that while it didn’t get much business throughout the year, it managed to keep itself going. He was happy with the creaky old house that they had on a hill, surrounded by forests, with the garden in the back. Perhaps he had grown complacent in his old age, but he wasn’t expecting bounty hunters – the Winchester brothers – to come looking for his husband. Much less Meg and Ruby, two old friends who had followed on their heels to warn that trouble was coming.

Fic Link: (on Ao3)

Art Link: (on Tumblr here)

Notes: Thank you so so much for the lovely art work that @burningwicker made, I’m all stupid giggly over here for this, aahhhh, I’m crushing on your style so hard. And a huge thank you to the betas that helped whip this into shape, @mayalaen, @starkfeels, and @dcdavechicken. You’ve all been wonderful to work with and this wouldn’t be what it is without you. <3

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Go read this! It’s awesome, guys!