Scenic Route


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Rating: Explicit 

Word Count: 2818

Summary: Back from Purgatory, Benny is struggling to keep his bloodlust in check. Dean has the idea to put him in a cock cage and keep the key… Benny hates every second of it but has to grudgingly admit that it helps.

And they both enjoy that, when they meet and Dean releases him for a night, Benny gets to take his pent-up frustration out on his friend with some brutally rough sex.

Note: This one-shot was written for a prompt on the SPN Kink Meme. It’s also a gift for @@rosemoonweaver in particular, who recently (sorta) had a birthday. I cheated a bit and gifted it to @mayalaen as well because she gave me some damn good ideas for this one-shot. And thanks to @wearingdeantoprom for being my cheerleader! 

In real life, a second key should have been put in a place Benny could have reached in an emergency. I chose not to go this route for two reasons 1) the prompt didn’t ask for that and 2) Benny’s a vampire. I assume vampires can handle BDSM scenes that a human couldn’t.

Fic Tags: cock cage, rough sex, blood drinking, tree sex, semi-public sex, canon divergence, Benny lives, bottom!Dean, bossy!Dean. 

Tagging: @wanderingcas @purgatoan @justanothersaltandburn @dreamsfromthebunker @bendoverandbiteyourgag @intotheruins

[Apologies to anyone I may have missed! Please feel free to drop me a note if you’d like to be tagged in denny fics in the future – or any other ship for that matter.]

“I’m strugglin’, brother,” Benny says as soon as Dean answers the phone.

While old-Dean might feel more keen to chop Benny’s head clean off new-Dean wants to keep his friend safe so the admission knocks the air straight out of him. Benny’s nothing like the monsters he’s fought over his years as a hunter. The vampire taught him that not every supernatural creature needs to be eliminated.

He taught Dean that some monsters are more human than humans.

“Hang in there, Benny. If you’re saying what I think you’re saying…” Dean shakes his head even though Benny can’t see him. “We’ll figure it out. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Benny laughs but there’s no humor in it. “Sure.”

“I’m serious!”

The line is quiet for a moment. “I hate to ask but – can we meet? It’s real bad over here.”

Dean’s quick to grab an overnight bag, thankful Sam’s out for a run. He’ll be long gone before Sam returns and does something ridiculous like attempt to come with him. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Sam to be polite. It’s that Dean knows deep down his brother is still trying to come to terms with the fact that Benny is a part of the team. His feelings would be clearly written on his face. No one needs the extra stress that would cause – not Sam, not Dean, and certainly not Benny.

“Absolutely. Tell me where you’re at.”

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Reeeeeead eeeeet! Read the awesome thiiiiing 😀

It’s so hard for me to narrow it down. I love so many ships, but damn, right about now I’m thinking of Dean/Castiel/Benny with aggressive, animalistic Purgatory!sex where they’re just… really fucking rough with each other. They’ve gotta be quick and keep an eye out, and Benny and Cas don’t even really get along most of the time because Benny feels that grace and it makes his teeth tingle, and sometimes he bites, knowing he can’t really do anything to Cas and that he’ll get a zap, but damn.


Oh My God Yes. Hrghgfhfs, Cas and Benny being all pissy at each other kind of vying for Dean’s affections, but honestly Dean’s a slut and he doesn’t mind sharing, Dean’s also the peacemaker and he’s good at getting Benny and Cas to get along long enough for a quickie. Fsfs. I’m just picturing Cas and Benny really going at it, a little josteling and bickering devolving into wrestling on the forest floor and Benny sinks his teeth into Cas’ neck and at first Dean’s worried because fucking seriously guys not the place for this but then Cas’ hips start juddering up off the forest floor, he gets a fist in Benny’s hair and yanks at him, tosses him to the side and fucking pins him, mm, yeahh, dirty grinding off on each other hate frottage in purgatory and Dean’s just confused like excuse me why isn’t there a dick in my mouth I don’t need you two getting along pay attention to me.


I have SUCH A THING for bloodplay and biting and… it’s not even funny. Like… can you imagine Benny just grinning. They’re fucking and Cas is kinda grumpy because of the bickering and there’s something following them he hasn’t been able to kill yet and they NEED TO KILL IT DEAN!

But Dean started up the frottage with Benny, and Cas couldn’t resist, so fast forward and Benny is fucking Cas while Cas is trying to keep an eye on their surroundings, even though Dean is watching (ever watchful) and so he doesn’t notice the fangs drop until they’re piercing the skin of his shoulder.

All at once he’s furious and really fucking turned on.  He bucks up, yelling something incoherent at Benny because what the fuck dude and comes without even being touched because who knew he was totally into that. He feels the vampire just gnawing on him and Benny sucks hard as he fucks into Cas so deep Cas squeaks and almost comes again.

Cas grimaces as he feels Benny ’s release oozing out and the blood dripping down his shoulder. Benny pulls back and gently licks him clean as Cas tries to shove him off, but he can’t deny the fact that he’s waiting impatiently for the next time. And he kinda wants to see Benny bite Dean too. Wonders if Dean would make breathy little noises while Benny sucked his blood or if he would get even more aggressive and bite back.

In other words, yes please 😀

New Fic: It All Works Out

Written for @spnpolybingo​​​​

Title: It All Works Out
Pairing(s): Various combinations of Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel/Benny
Word Count:
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
poly/group, slash, fingering, handjob,
blowjob, rough sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, biting, bloodplay (vampires), manhandling, mention of incest awkwardness, humiliation, grace, a scene that could be called dub-con because Dean fights how turned on humiliation makes him
@spnpolybingo​ Square: Benny Castiel Dean Gabriel Sam

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It All Works Out

Dean and Gabriel didn’t get along.  Benny and
Sam didn’t get along.  Castiel blushed every time sex was even mentioned
in front of Gabriel.  Benny got bite-y when grace was in someone’s
bloodstream.  Sam and Dean, well, just no.  Except that one time.  And
maybe a couple times since.  But otherwise, just no.  Really.

All in all, their group worked well for who and what they were, but sometimes it didn’t.


roar of anger rumbled the walls of the bunker, and Dean was running
before he even realized it.  He followed the sound, sure that he’d be
too late, but when he finally made it to the war room, he breathed a
sigh of relief.

“Okay, okay!” Dean said, holding his hands out.  
It stopped Benny in his tracks even though he’d been about to tear open
an archangel.  Or at least that’s what he’d been planning on doing, but
he wouldn’t have even gotten close.  "Let’s take a time out.“

started pacing, rubbing at his jaw, which had most likely been zapped
by an archangel’s grace.  It hurt a lot.  Dean knew that from personal

Gabriel was standing on the other side of the war room
table, smirking.  Of course he was smirking.  He had nothing to fear
from a vampire.  He wasn’t wearing one stitch of clothing, his cock was
still hard, and his ass cheeks were glistening from the lube Benny had

"I thought we agreed no more fucking, you two,” Dean said, directing his words to Gabe even though they were both at fault.

“He looked really hot in his cute little hat,” Gabe said, shrugging.  "I thought he could fuck me without biting.  I was wrong.“

came into the room, followed by Cas, both of them ready to tear an
archangel and a vampire away from each other before someone got killed.
They settled as soon as they saw Dean had it under control.  It was
always relatively controlled, and at any minute that could change, so
they didn’t leave the room.

Benny’s jeans kept sliding down his
hips as he paced, and he growled each time he pulled them up, but he
didn’t bother buttoning them up, his cock swaying back and forth with
his steps, no longer hard.  Not after getting zapped.

"How about
you come with me,” Dean said to Benny, keeping his distance because
Benny got even more bite-y when he was pissed, and if he got bite-y with
Dean, Sam, Gabe, and Cas would smite his ass, grace or no grace.  "You
know I love it when you bite me.“

Gabriel huffed.  "I didn’t get to come yet!”

“I’ll bite your fucking dick off!” Benny roared, charging for Gabe.

didn’t bother getting in his way, and when Benny howled in pain,
clutching his jaw as he went down like a sack of potatoes, Dean headed
for Gabe instead.

“Go with Sam,” Dean said, shoving at Gabe.

could’ve easily zapped him too, but he was too amused over Benny, so he
just stumbled over to Sam, smacking Sam’s ass before dragging him off
to Sam’s bedroom.

Dean crouched by Benny, not nearly as worried
he’d get bit now that the second zap to his sensitive fangs had taken
him down.  "Come up to bed,“ he said softly, running his fingers through
Benny’s hair.  "You can fuck both me and Cas, and you can bite me as
much as you want.”

Cas opened his mouth to argue, but Dean scowled up at him, and Cas shut his mouth.

can heal me if you take too much,” Dean said, taking Benny’s arm and
helping him up.  "So you just bite all you want, okay?“

grumbled all the way up to the bedroom.  He also fucked Dean and Cas for
nearly an hour before letting them both come, neither of them minded
one bit.  In fact, both of them liked rough sex, so really it was a


Cas’ face was bright red, and Sam didn’t know if
anything else could be nearly as cute as a blushing angel.  Gabe had his
fingers buried in Sam’s ass, his mouth around Sam’s cock, and Cas
couldn’t even make his body move enough to get out of the kitchen.

"C’mere,” Sam said, holding a hand out for Cas.

Cas shook his head, the tips of his ears turning red.

Sam chuckled, then moaned when Gabe pushed down on his prostate.  "C’mon.  Come over here and kiss me.“

hesitated, but finally forced himself to walk across the kitchen and
join Sam, who was standing against the metal table, his jeans around his
ankles, shirt open so he could look down at Gabe’s lips stretched
around his dick.

"Just look at me,” Sam said, pulling Cas closer
and kissing him.  Cas melted against him, getting lost in Sam and mostly
forgetting about the fact that Gabriel was sucking Sam’s sock.

Gabriel never was one to let things go, so he started moaning, and when
that didn’t work, he pulled off, spit on Sam’s cock, then sucked him
even more noisily than he had before.

Sam didn’t mind at all.  
Gabe was great at blowjobs, and the messier the better, but Cas tensed,
the blush creeping over his cheeks again.  When Gabe still didn’t get
what he wanted, he dropped Sam’s cock and looked up at them, grinning.  
Sam was about to grab Gabe by the hair and shove his cock down Gabe’s
throat just to shut him up, but he didn’t move fast enough.  Too turned
on to move quickly.

“I can blow you next, Cassie,” Gabe said.

sighed as Cas practically ran out of the room, hands over his ears.  
But damn it if Gabe didn’t give him the blowjob of his life.


knew he was he was doing.  Of course he did.  He heard Dean swearing
his way through a really great orgasm, and he chose that moment to
accidentally walk into Dean’s bedroom.

“Oh, fuck that’s hot,” Gabe
breathed, freezing in the doorway when he saw Sam fucking Dean so hard
that he was pushing his older brother across the bed.

“Get the
fuck out!” Dean yelled, trying to squirm away from Sam, but Sam had him
pinned to the bed, big hands wrapped around Dean’s wrists, Dean’s legs
tossed over Sam’s shoulders.

“I mean, I knew you two sometimes
fell on each other and a dick slipped into a hole,” Gabe drawled,“ but I
didn’t know you two were fucking when you didn’t have the excuse of Cas
or Benny being the main target.”

“Dude, get the fuck out or I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Dean growled, trying to buck Sam off.

only pounded into him harder, turned on by the whole thing because Sam
was a freak like that.  "I’m almost done,“ he said through clenched
teeth.  "Quit squirmin’ around.”

“Does Cas know you guys fuck?” Gabe asked.  "Does he know you two are doin’ the dirty with each other?  I mean, you guys are brothers and all.“

worst part of it was that Dean got off on humiliation.  Gabe knew it,
Cas knew it, Benny knew it, and Sam really fucking knew it.  Dean

"Cas!  Cas, get your feathery ass in here and smite your
idiot brother!” Dean yelled, so furious that Gabe could see the veins in
his neck popping out.

Cas suddenly appeared in the room, confused
and instantly turned on when he saw what was happening on the bed.  Of
course that lasted about as long as it took for him to realize Gabe was
there too, and then he was gone again.

“Fuck!” Dean growled.  "Gabe, get the fuck out!  Get out!“

"What’s it feel like to have your baby brother’s giant dick in your ass?” Gabe asked.

cock never really had gone soft again after he’d come, and it was
leaking onto his stomach, so Gabe decided to push it and walked up to
the bed, just because he knew he could make Dean come again.

“It’s bigger than Benny’s,” Gabe said, crawling onto the bed.

“Don’t you fuckin’…!  Gabe!” Dean nearly howled.

bigger than Cas’ too,” Gabe said, tilting his head to the side as if he
was checking out Sam’s very big dick.  He was, of course, but he was
mostly doing it for Dean’s benefit.

“Sam, c’mon!” Dean whined.  "Make your stupid boyfriend get the fuck out of here!“

just waiting my turn,” Gabe said, plopping his butt down on the bed.  
“And until Sam’s done with you, I get to watch as he pounds his thick,
long cock into your tight ass.  And I bet it’s still tight.  In
fact…,” he said, then used his grace to make Dean’s ass clench down on
Sam’s cock.

“Oh!  Fuck!” Sam whined, squeezing his eyes shut as his rhythm faltered.

string of words that came out of Dean’s mouth only made Gabe laugh, and
instead of leaving him alone, Gabe made Dean’s cock tingle.  Millions
of tiny little fingers stroking it.

It was all worth it when Dean
literally screamed his way through his second orgasm, his back arching
as he shot all over his face.  Sam came a mere two seconds later, and
finally collapsed on top of Dean, panting.

“Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya,” Gabe said, sauntering out of the bedroom.


didn’t really mean to intrude, and he was about t’leave the room when
Cas made a breathy little sort’a noise that had Benny freezin’ in place.
 Cas couldn’t see him, and he knew Gabe had the ability to dampen Cas’
senses.  Gabe knew full well Benny was standing’ between the bookshelves
in the library, but Cas was probably clueless.

Cas was up against
the back wall in the library, the blush havin’ spread down his neck,
ears so red that Benny licked his lips, wantin’ a taste of that
grace-infused blood.

“G-Gabriel,” Cas whispered, buckin’ forward helplessly as Gabe palmed his crotch through his slacks.

“Tell me to stop and I’ll stop, Cassie,” Gabe said.  "But if you’re enjoying yourself, it’s okay.  You know it’s okay.“

was touched by the gentleness in Gabe’s tone of voice.  He wasn’t
forcing, wasn’t taunting, and if anything, he was ready to stop at a
moment’s notice if Cas didn’t want it.

"Don’t stop,” Cas said, shaking his head as his hands awkwardly found Gabe’s shoulders and gripped him tightly.

“Okay, I’ve got you,” Gabe said, openin’ up Cas’ slacks and reaching inside.

“Oh!” Cas gasped.

palmed his own crotch as Cas’ eyes fluttered closed and Gabe placed
gentle kisses over his neck.  He couldn’t see what Gabe was doing to
Cas’ cock, but whatever it was, Cas really liked it.  He let his head
fall back against the wall and whimpered as he panted.

It didn’t
take long before Cas pulled Gabe even closer, pressing his forehead into
Gabe’s shoulder and coming with a soft cry of pleasure.  That sweet
noise Benny had heard many times before, but never in the same room as

“You okay?” Gabe asked.

Cas nodded.  "Yes.“

"If you ever want to do something like this again,” Gabe said, placing a tiny kiss at the corner of Cas’ mouth, “just ask me.”

walked away, Cas’ hard cock still on display as Cas blinked at Gabe’s
back.  By the time Cas regained his senses, Benny was halfway to his


Castiel wasn’t sure what to do about Gabriel.  He
considered Gabriel to be his brother, but Sam and Dean were brothers
too, and Castiel didn’t think anything of them having intercourse other
than the fact it always gave him an erection, even if he’d ejaculated

He knew no one had an issue with it except him.  It was a
‘hang-up.’  Something humans worried about, and he never thought he’d
have ‘hang-ups himself,’ because it really was a human trait.

Gabriel knew Castiel when he was a young fledgling.  He held him.  He’d
cradled him with his grace when Castiel was too young to withstand
long-distance travel on his own.  He’d taught Castiel how to fly.

But Dean had changed Sam’s diapers, and that didn’t stop Dean from having intercourse with Sam.

was still pondering matters of ‘hang-ups’ when he walked into Sam’s
room, hoping for guidance or maybe just someone to talk to.

“Don’t you fucking bite me,” Sam growled.

quickly backed out of the room, then peeked around the door jamb.  
Neither of them had noticed him, and he used his grace to shield
himself.  He wasn’t spying.  He was observing, and that was completely
different than spying.

“But you taste so good,” Benny drawled as
he reached back and held onto Sam’s hips with both hands, Sam fucking
him from behind as they kneeled on the bed.

“Yeah, that’s why I’m behind you,” Sam said, his right hand wrapped around Benny’s cock, stroking it as he fucked into Benny.

“I could still bite ya,” Benny said, turning his head and snapping at Sam.

shoved Benny forward, bending him in half and holding him down to the
bed by the back of his neck.  "No biting.  I don’t like it.“

chuckled, and it was a lazy sound that made Castiel’s cock twitch,
because it meant Benny was in a playful mood, and orgasms always
followed when Benny was in a playful mood.

"You think that’ll stop
me?” Benny asked, and in the blink of an eye, Benny sat up, grabbed
Sam’s right arm, yanked him over Benny’s back and down onto the bed, Sam
sprawled out and vulnerable, belly up.  "You forget I’m stronger than

Sam was dazed, but only for a moment before he surged up and
bit Benny’s neck.  Castiel’s eyes widened, surprised by the fierceness
behind Sam’s movements.  He knew Sam liked rough sex, but it was no
secret Sam hated being bitten.  Biting a vampire only excited them, and
Sam wouldn’t be happy when he pushed Benny too far and got bit for his

But Sam bit down hard enough that Castiel smelled blood,
and as Benny pulled Sam’s legs apart and shoved his cock into Sam’s
lubed hole, Sam licked at Benny’s neck and pulled Benny down, offering
his own neck.

Benny sighed happily as he let his fangs drop and
sank his sharp teeth into Sam’s neck, sucking.  Castiel wasn’t sure what
to make of the whole thing.  Sam hated being bit, and yet he’d offered
his neck.

And it suddenly occurred to Castiel that Sam had licked
Benny’s bleeding neck.  He’d fed from a vampire.  Sam was going to turn
into a vampire.

"Stop!” Castiel cried out, dropping all his shields and charging into the room.

Benny pulled himself free of Sam’s neck just as Sam craned his neck to look up at Castiel, both of them confused.

can still fix it!” Castiel said, putting his hand over Sam’s neck and
letting his grace flow through the man, cleaning the blood of all traces
of Benny’s blood.

By the time he pulled his hand back, both Benny
and Sam were grinning at him.  Castiel tilted his head, confused by the
reaction to such a dangerous situation.  He’d saved Sam.  Sam should
have been grateful.

“That was totally adorable,” Gabriel said from
the corner of the room, where Sam’s desk chair had been empty just
moments before.

Castiel flinched, frowning at Gabriel.  "What’s going on?“ he asked.

"I wanted to try it out,” Sam said, “but I didn’t want to run the risk of this big guy getting too excited and turning me.”

asked me to watch them fuck,” Gabriel said, and Castiel could feel the
blush spreading over his face, down his neck.  "I was going to fix him
as soon as we all got to come.“

Sam winced.  "I suppose I
shouldn’t laugh at you, Cas.  You didn’t know and we probably scared the
shit out of you.  Thank you for saving me.”

“I shouldn’t have assumed,” Castiel said, backing away.  "I apologize.“

Cas, c’mon,” Sam said just as Benny held a hand out to him and said,
“Don’t leave.  We’re havin’ fun, and we wouldn’t mind you joinin’ us.”

paused, sure that he was intruding, and Gabriel was still in the room,
which only made things worse because Castiel didn’t know where he stood
with him either.

“I won’t bite ya,” Benny offered.

Cassie,” Gabriel said softly, Sam’s desk chair turning into a very
comfortable-looking sofa.  Big enough for both of them.  "Come sit with

Castiel only hesitated briefly before sitting down next to
Gabriel, who wrapped his left arm around him and pulled him in closer.

you want to just watch, that’s okay,” Gabriel said softly.  "If you
want to do more, just do it.  You can do anything you want, okay?“

nodded, leaning against Gabriel as he kissed Castiel’s cheek.  Sam
moaned on the bed as Benny started fucking him again, and Castiel
focused on them, glancing at Gabriel before reaching over and resting
his hand on Gabriel’s crotch.