replied to your post “i wish people would go back to calling it metallicar instead of baby”

Disagree!!! I hate the name Metallicar… IDK, it just always seemed to bother me. Y_Y

It’s not that I *like* the name Metallicar (Meta*llica kinda pisses me off with their attitudes), it’s just easy to search and doesn’t make me think of Dean/an actual baby.

If fandom as a whole were to come up with another name, I’d probably gladly accept it, but how do you search for Baby? And isn’t a lot of our stuff showing up when people search for kid/baby stuff?I mean even Babycar or… I suppose I could just do the Impaladean or Deanpala… what’s the ship name for it? Yeah, that would be simpler.

All the Time in the World


Title: All the Time in the World
Author: @dreamsfromthebunker
Artist: @bluefire986
Rating: Explicit
Length: 20k
Pairings: Dean/Cas/Sam, (Dean/Sam)
Warnings: Rape and Non-Con, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Explicit Sexual Content
Summary: Two hundred and one days have passed since the end of the world started. Thanks to the Boy King (Sam Winchester), his Knight of Hell (Dean Winchester), and Heaven.

Society has broken down. Castiel, Crowley, Jody, Charlie and Garth are looking for a way to stop Sam and Dean. But Dean and Sam have other plans, hellbent on having Castiel by their side as they murder the world.
Link to fic
Link to art

replied to your post “@maliciouslycreative
replied to your post “@maliciouslycreative

<3 Farscape. I used to watch it when it was on TV… I have all the seasons of DVD…

OOh, cool! I taped them all onto VHS when the Peacekeeper Wars came out. There was a marathon on TV of all the seasons + Peacekeeper Wars, so I did it all in just a few days, switching out tapes every time one was full 😀

It’s an awesome series!