the hits keep coming

cut for sensitive topics
(suicide of a friend)

Last night we got a call from Jamie. He’s my uncle’s wife’s youngest son. When my uncle’s wife (Marissa) and my uncle (Charlie) met, she had 3 kids (ages 7, 5, and 3). Jamie had been living with Michelle, a friend of Marissa’s, since birth because Marissa’s husband was a complete deadbeat, and Marissa was working 3 jobs just to support the family while her husband stayed in bed all day, drank, did drugs, and spent their money. She couldn’t take care of Jamie, and neither could the couple across the way in the apartment complex who were keeping an eye on the 7 and 5-year-old.

Jamie was doing GREAT with Michelle, and Michelle wanted a child anyway, so Marissa convinced her husband (it wasn’t that hard, he’s a shitty father) to let Michelle and Bob (her husband) adopt Jamie. Michelle and Bob were very good parents, especially Bob. Very nice guy, supportive of Jamie, and all around nice guy.

Fast forward 12 years and Michelle had a mental breakdown and ran off to be with a guy she met online, taking Jamie away from the only father he’d ever known (he doesn’t acknowledge his biological father).

About two years ago Jamie decided he’d had enough of Michelle’s shit (she’s still not right after the breakdown and is constantly pulling shit) and came back here to live with Bob. They were doing very well, but yesterday afternoon Jamie came home to find the police at the house.

Bob killed himself. They found him sitting in the family room with pictures of the family all around him and empty bottles of liquor. He’d shot himself.

So Marissa drove out to Bob’s house and picked up Jamie, who is now 19, and took him home. Charlie drove Jamie’s truck to their house so Jamie could ride with his mom.

He’s doing okay, given the situation, but as you can imagine he’s probably not over the shock yet.

My family is kinda blown away at the moment. Not only did we lose my cousin (on my dad’s side) less than a week ago and still don’t know what is going to happen to her two boys (and my cousin’s mom is now suicidal after losing not one, but two of her children in less than two years), but now my mom’s side of the family is scrambling to deal with Jamie and the fallout from Bob.

My family has never been boring, but lately it’s sounding like the Jerry Springer show, and faking my own death so I can move to Canada or Australia is sounding more and more appealing.