I just noticed Mary and Bobby playfully nudging each other behind Sam after the “welcome to our world” presentation, and their flirting gave me life



mom and dad are gonna get married :’)

Ok…I’m all for Bobby and Mary being a thing. I wish Mary had had a lot more character development and screen time before they paired her up, but…I’m not gonna bitch about it.

Here’s the thing, though…Sam Smith and Jim Beavers? You bet. Totally cool. And they’re super cute together onscreen. I dig it, too.

But Mary Winchester is barely thirty one years old, now. Exactly how old is Bobby supposed to be? If he’s roughly the same age as John, then Bobby is supposed to be in his mid sixties?

I came across a thing recently where it gave a general breakdown of ‘how young is too young’ when deciding if that person is dateable for you. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t outlying factors or that this is some hard and fast rule, but when I ran the numbers in my head and really thought about where you are emotionally and developmentally at different ages, this quick breakdown made a ton of sense:

Half your age, plus seven years.

Mary really doesn’t fit for Bobby. I’m not sayin’ it’s wrong for them to be together. I’m just sayin…it’s…I wish they’d address the age thing with Mary. It doesn’t make sense.

The big saving factor for this ship would be the fact that Bobby had some kind of relationship with Mary back when they were both the same age, and also, their lives are super fucked up, so general rules of society don’t necessarily apply. But it does make me wonder if they’re gonna try to address the age gap at all…or if anyone is gonna try to explain how Mary aged during her time…ya know…dead.

PS: I am so happy Sam Smith is the actress they chose to play Mary when she came back! I love her ‘Mary’ and I was really pleased by that choice. I just wish they’d have figured out a way to explain her not being twenty nine when she was resurrected.

Okay but why assume she’s 31? I don’t have a problem with age big differences myself unless it’s people under 21 with someone a lot older, but Mary was hanging around for YEARS after she died. And don’t forget her time in Heaven.

If Bobby and her were the same age when she died, they’re either still the same age or possibly she’s older if time moves differently in Heaven. I don’t know if it’s ever been specifically mentioned, but if Hell time moves differently, why not Heaven too?

Dean isn’t really 39 and Sam isn’t really 35. Not with all their years of experience in hell, right? I mean Dean’s body was rebuilt too so his mind is MUCH older than his actual body even if you don’t take into consideration all the times he’s died since Season 4.

My headcanon has been that Amara aged the body she gave to Mary to fit her mental age, which explains Sam Smith’s appearance – she can’t pass for 31.

I’m not like trying to fight over this or anything. I was just questioning 🙂

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